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BabyMoon – Maui

First before I get to the babymoon, I want to post some funnies that Avery has said so I don’t forget:

1.  Yesterday after I picked up Avery from school, she asked to go to the park.  I told her, “Yes, we can go to the park.   Let’s go pick up Daddy first.”   Her response was “Daddy’s tooooo heabvy {translation: heavy}”   I thought that was hilarious.   Everything is very literal. 

2.  Whenever we are watching anything other than Dora, Lion King, etc., we are watching the news.   She will say, “Daddy, are you watching the news?”  while he’s watching a general show because every morning, Daddy watches the news.

Now back to the Babymoon.   We are headed out of town for a week to Maui and I’m super excited for the break!   Maui is a very special place for us, specifically Kapalua because we that is the first place we took a trip to and the place where we got married.  Now we are going back for our 2nd Babymoon.   It is our favorite island of all the islands that we have visited and definitely one of our very favorite places we’ve been to.   It will be so fun to take Avery (except for the long flight).  I will post all about it when we get back. 

We got married on that green lawn on the top center of this photo:


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Fall Fashion Finds

A very sweet reader asked yesterday that I post about any fun fashion finds that I’ve made for the fall. I will admit that being pregnant makes it much more challenging (in my opinion) to be fashionable or dress cute. I’m using my creativity to remain in regular clothes as long as I can. Most of my favorite recent purchases come from Anthropologie. Below are a few of my recent favorite finds:

I really love this dress from Anthropologie (not sure if I’ll be able to wear it for too much longer this season):

This is from Anthropologie (in the intimates department) but I wear it as a regular dress:

Another Anthropologie…I love the sleeve detail:

Cardigans are awesome…I’ve really picked up quite a few and love this one from Anthropologie:

From J. Crew:

Perfect-fit ruffle henley
Also from J. Crew:
V-neck maxi sweater
The leather riding boots are from J. Crew and I love the way they look.  I plan on ordering me a pair for the fall/winter:
Weatherby riding boots
This vest is a little out of my comfort zone but I’m loving it (at Francesca’s):
Wild Child Vest
At Franscesca’s as well:
Haylie Bootie by Chinese Laundry
I will say that I find shopping for Avery much more exciting…more than I ever thought I would.  It’s like Christmas for me whenever I go to a cute children’s store.   I’m now starting to plan for Olivia and pick up a few things here and there.  Poor doll will be wearing a lot of hand-me downs though which actually works out great!

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Family Photos

This is Part 1 of our family photos. More are to come in the next post 🙂

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What’s Her Name?

We took family photos last week and they came in a few days ago. I’m super excited about how they turned out. We’ve been waiting to share ‘lil pumkin’s name until now. Here are also a few teaser pictures of our family photo shoot. More will come next week. You’ll see baby’s name below 🙂

Avery’s hiding the name ;):
Miss Olivia at 21 weeks:

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Buzzy Bee

Yesterday evening we took Avery to a Trick or Treat Festival. This year for Halloween, we got her a costume as a bumble bee or as Avery called herself, Buzzy Bee from one of her favorite songs. On our way back from Nana and Papa’s, we checked to see what was on the town calendar and October is packed full.

We really have been enjoying living here. There is always something fun going on. The Trick or Treat festival included about 40 or so booths, each with a fun activity for the kids like bean bag toss, fishing pond, slimy art, and so forth. Avery loved it!


Walking to the festival:
She scored two of the four tosses!:
After the festival, we went to Hubbell and Hudson and put her on the gigantic pumpkin:

Buzzy Bee, you are the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

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Happy Birthday Mom!

This past weekend we went to Nana and Papa’s to celebrate Nana’s birthday. The weather was gorgeous and we had a nice relaxing weekend with family. Happy Birthday MOM…you are so special to us! 🙂 We love you!

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Yellow Ice Cream

The weather has been so nice here for the last 2 weeks.   It’s perfect!   It really allows us to enjoy this awesome new town we live in.  Yesterday, I picked up Avery early from school and we went to Market Square to run around and play.  I got Avery some ice cream and when I asked her what color she wanted, she said “Yellow!”   We settled on sweet cream (the closest to yellow I could come up with and I assume she said yellow because she usually gets vanilla) with M&M’s.  Yum!

eating ice cream

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