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Flying By!

Have you ever wondered where the day went?  We’ve always been busy people, but never quite as busy as now.  I find myself wondering just that question.  Avery is going to be 6 weeks already on Monday.  We are spending this weekend at home so I am looking forward to catching a few extra zzzz’s.  However, I must say that our baby A is being pretty easy on us.  She slept from 10pm-4am last night which is the longest stretch at night so far.  After reading “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby” in the last two days, we are going to try putting her to bed at 7pm (started this tonight) and see how it goes.  She slept a ton today so I’m not sure if she’ll make it too long but time will tell.  We’ll continue to stick with this routine so it may take a few days for her to adjust her sleep patterns a bit since she was spending quite a bit of her time from 6-9pm alert.   I also picked up the book “Happiest Baby On the Block”.  I’ll save everyone the time of reading the book because who has the luxury, and tell you the main point of the book.  Everyone tells you what you are supposed to do to calm a baby (ie: cuddle/swaddle, rock/swing, pacifier, white noise/shh, put baby on tummy/side) but no one ever said to do them all at once.  Hello!  What a breakthrough!  Avery has been an easy to soothe baby but on Tuesday, she had a rough patch because I think she was overtired from the weekend.  When we put all of those techniques together, it was magical.   The rest of the week has been smooth sailing.  We are very blessed and looking forward to a restful weekend.  Aunt Dawn and Uncle Matt are coming to visit!  

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Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we headed down to Shiner for the holiday weekend.  Avery had lots more firsts this past weekend!  We went to Rockport and Port Aransas on Saturday for a road trip.  Avery got to see the beach and ride on her first ferry ride!  She loves riding in the car which we are very thankful for.  We think we have a traveler ….keeping our fingers crossed :).   

 We are starting to see so many more social smiles now.  My heart just melts everytime I see that big smile.  She even laughed this past weekend though it was in her sleep.  She spends many more hours during the day awake and very alert and is now starting to focus on objects in her visual range. 

My first bow:

Check out this beach babe! Nana couldn’t resist getting her this swimsuit:

Nana and Avery hanging out in the shade:

Look at those fishermen and fisherwomen (Dad, Scott, and Hillary):

Looking so Cute in my Swimwear:

First Ferry Ride at Port A:

Waiting so patiently for a table at Virginia’s in Port A:

Papa and Avery (who’s sleepier?)

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Avery finally got to meet Scott’s mom whom the grandchildren call Lovey! She came in for the weekend and we all had a wonderful time. Avery must have been so excited that she decided to spend all day Sunday awake with very few short little naps. Actually, she was very alert from 2am until 10pm last night. We just couldn’t believe she was so alert. Boy, were we tired! We also were visited by Mariam and Brad since Brad came down from Chicago to surprise Mariam. What a wonderful treat!

Sunday evening our neighbors had a wonderful idea to get together for wine and cheese so about 8 couples got together. Everyone loved seeing Avery for the first time. She was the bell of the ball!

Lovey and Avery (and Bentley, too!

Lovey\'s First Visit


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We had a photographer come to our home when Avery was two weeks old so we could capture her features as a newborn. I would like to have this done every few months as she is growing so quickly. Nothing captures the memories better than beautiful pictures. Taking pictures with a baby this young was a bit challenging but so worth it! I’m finding just in the last three weeks with all we have going on, it is incredibly difficult to remember the little moments. I’m trying to take time to burn these special moments in my memory but thank goodness for video cameras.

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 Avery is two weeks old as of yesterday.   It is so hard to believe these two weeks have passed us by so quickly. Our experience has been everything from amazing to exhausting. Our lives are forever changed and we are so in love with her.  I think we have adjusted really well to our new life. She makes it pretty easy on us. We are learning as we go!

We had our 2 week pedi appt today and she is now 9lbs.  She is growing so quickly!  She had her foot pricked for the standard blood test they do and she cried so hard.  I couldn’t help but cry with her.  Poor thing!  She was better immediately following and went straight to sleep.  She had her first grocery shopping trip today and slept the entire time. 

We are really looking forward to this weekend.  She gets to go on a small road trip to Shiner and she’ll get to meet both of her great grandma’s for Mother’s Day weekend.  I can’t believe Mother’s Day actually applies to me this year, too!



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Miss Avery is 10 days old and loving every day.  She really likes to eat!  I’ve put together a slideshow of her second week (because I can’t just pick a few pictures of her).  Check out those silly facial expressions she makes.  She keeps us so entertained with her very interesting noises and cute little faces. 

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