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The past few weeks the house has been moving along quick which means I better get to work!

The latest happenings:
The roof is pretty much 80% finished and I really am in love with it. Thank heavens because I’ve been sweating it a lot  since it was custom ordered; we were stuck with it love or hate. I know Scott will never let me forget what it took to get that roof.  The first part of the stucco work is finished so next week I get to go look at Round 2 of color samples. I didn’t realize the mixture would change the actual paint color to make it darker so I’m having to wing it (scary!). However, I’m really glad that the stucco won’t be painted but rather will be mixed into the texture. We are going to do a very smooth skip trowel method. I’m going for a clean look with just a hint of old world texture. I’m anxious to see it when it is finished.

Apparently, I better get on the ball because it is time to order tile selections. Though I know mostly what I want, I keep flip flopping back and forth between two entirely different looks for our kitchen which is causing me to lose sleep at night. The kitchen is the most important to me out of all the rooms. My OCD is coming out! One thing that is for certain….nothing is ever certain when it comes to me choosing things because I change my mind constantly. I do know I want everything to be classic.  I keep falling in love with cool tile (it’s amazing the options that are available now….my favorite is Walker Zanger; that place is overwhelming) but then I have to remind myself that my taste changes like the wind and I’ll probably get tired of it in 2 years. That is what is actually most challenging for me at this stage in the design process. I need to choose materials I will still love in 10 years….hopefully! 

Next week, I’ll try to post a few pictures of some of the house. It is sheetrocked. Yay! I meet with trim guy next week to show him my cabinet designs so they can start on those. From here on out, it should really move along.

My latest project has been trying to design custom arched doors to act as shutters for the arched window over the Master bathtub.   I’m using these doors as my inspiration because I love the architectural detail they add to the room rather than doing curtains.    I also love the bathtub here and had already planned on doing something almost  exactly the same (and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I explain to them I want a drop in bathtub paneled out to look stand alone because I love the detail of the panels rather doing an actual standalone) and when I saw this image, I knew that my vision wasn’t so crazy after all.    We currently have a standalone and I do love it but I wanted just a little something extra.

I would love to credit this image but don’t know where I got it anymore.


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I’ve been meaning to post this but my days fly by and before I know it several weeks have gone by. A couple of weeks ago, my mom, Dawn, Avery and I went to Galveston for the day and toured beautiful historic homes that were all redone. We had such an awesome day and really enjoyed seeing how beautiful Galveston is after all the work they have done after Hurricane Ike. We toured about half the homes and then went to The Strand to do a little shopping. Nana got Avery a little necklace and bracelet and a shiny lizard and I purchased a really cute basket looking thing from a home store.
Eyeing some candy!

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Gruene (pronounced like the color green) is such a cute little town for strolling around and shopping. They had trade days as an added benefit. We ate at the Grist Mill on Friday and enjoyed the view of the river while sipping a few drinks.

The weather actually ended up turning out to be beautiful on Saturday after pouring all night Friday. We sat around much of the day relaxing, eating, and watching tubers and canoers go down some wild rapids which was quite entertaining! Avery was in heaven. She swam in her little pool and even got to swim in a small little creek they had that fed into the river. Auntie Dawn took her tubing down the small rapids as well. We also had a first of sleeping with Avery because we didn’t bring her pack n’ play so she had to sleep with us. That child wiggles more than anyone I know. She was literally all over the bed. As much as I love sleeping with her, I’m glad it was only for 2 nights because I was constantly worried about her being comfortable.

We had an amazing weekend and wish it lasted longer!

Throwing Washers:

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We are headed off for the weekend on a camping trip in Gruene. Luckily, my brother-in-law’s parents are very kind and are allowing us to use their new RV. I’m really excited about spending time outdoors and I know Avery will love it!

Avery at Park-2 copy

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A Day At The Park

I think I’ve mentioned this before but we live right next to some amazing parks and we like to enjoy them as much as possible. Last week, I took a day off and took Avery to Hermann Park where they have many playgrounds, along with a water playground, zoo, paddle boats and a train. We both loved our day together and hope to do it again soon!

Riding the train and eating crackers:

The train takes you on a 15 minute ride around the park and is really fun for adults too:

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There are no words to describe what it is to be a Mom!

Mommy and Avie
Mommy Kissing Avie
Love This Picture of Nana and Avery…precious! Nana is laughing so hard because Avery keeps giving huge kissed 🙂 This one is SOOC (straight out of camera) and I think it is perfect:
Big Kisses:
BBQing and hanging out with Dad’s brothers:
Avery loves her Papa! She tells us all week that she wants to go to “Papa’s House” which means the shop. The way she says it is adorable drawing out hou……se to ensure we heard her! She thinks Nana lives in the house and Papa lives in the shop because that’s where you can always find him tinkering on things. She loves the shop and being outside!
Looking at the cows:

I should add that the actual day of Mother’s Day was quite an adventure. We all hopped in Papa’s truck before lunch to go look at a cow to make sure she was okay in her birthing process and we ended up watching Scott and Papa pull a calf and save its life. It was Scott’s first time and how fitting for Mother’s Day. Ha! This city girl has been known to have to pull calves growing up. Boy do I have stories to tell my children. They will never believe me!

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My Muse

I took my first class tonight and I know I’m going to learn a lot and can’t wait to implement my “learnings” on my muse. She inspires me to be a better everything:
Avery's Face 2

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! I have ‘Muffins with Mom’ in the morning at Avery’s school so that will be fun. Poor Scott has been all over Texas this past week so I’m looking forward to him being home with us for the weekend.

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