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Moulton Jamboree 2011

Wow, I’m behind but I gave myself pretty much a blog break through August because we have been beyond busy. My next post will explain why!

Back in late July, we went to the Moulton Jamboree which includes a parade, fried chicken, Men’s softball and many other fun activities. We took the girls to the parade and of course, Avery loved it because they threw out a ton of candy.

Just parked and walking to our spot before the parade starts:
Waiting for the parade to start:
Oh, I love her cute feet:
Auntie Dawn:
She did NOT like the firetruck sirens:
Still wondering what in the world that terrible loud noise was:
Sleepy Girl:
Precious Lyla:


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Family Is…

“Family is the most valuable possession in the world.”
-quote by Bill Rancic

I love watching Bill & Giuliana…such good people! I love what he said on the last show. That comment is so great. If you ever have challenges in your life, are having a bad day, or just need some perspective on life, think of this quote.


Tomorrow we have a family photo shoot. Wish us luck! It’s so hot here and with two little ones, it will be quite interesting pulling it off.

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4th Annual Womance Trip

This past weekend my friends and I went to Miami for our 4th Annual Womance trip. It’s our annual girls trip and this year we also celebrated my friend, Jessica’s, bachelorette party while we were there. It’s so great to spend quality time with these fabulous ladies and we had an all-around wonderful time. We have some great stories from this trip and each year seems to top the previous.

Elizabeth made shirts for each one of us to wear and they were hilarious:


Eating dinner at a very yummy Cuban restaurant:

Outside Il Gabiano’s right before dinner:

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Work vs. Home

I write this blog for my own enjoyment and for my girls to have when they get older as a journal of their lives. I know I have gained a readership through writing and it motivates me to keep going. I also realize that my posts only give a small snippet of our lives and I never really talk about work-related things here because I feel it isn’t relevant to this blog. However, I recently received a comment that made me think that some readers may not understand what I do. We have a nanny because I am a working mom. We love our Nene! We consider her a part of our family and have been so fortunate to have her during Avery’s baby years and now Olivia’s. I am home but I run multiple companies from my home office. Scott also runs multiple companies from home. We do have the luxury of working from home which we both appreciate very much. Like most parents, we wear many hats trying to provide for our family while also trying to spend as much time with the girls as possible. Having a nanny allows us to have Olivia at home while she is a baby so during work breaks or any time I want, I can go hold her, play with her, kiss her, or feed her. Avery goes to school during the day because she has outgrown Nene and needs social interaction. It’s an awesome school that allows her to play and learn and she loves it! I feel we have found a great balance between work and spending quality time with the girls. I always yearn to spend more time with them and I feel very lucky that I can take Avery to school late or pick her up early whenever I’d like and be here at home with Olivia. It’s certainly not easy being a working mom because you want to spend as much time with your children as possible. They grow so quickly! We have found what works for us, and as the girls grow, this will evolve.

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6 Months!

Olivia is 6 months today! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It’s so bittersweet for me because each month that passes is a month I’ll never get back and at this age, they change so quickly. All I can do is try to remember and cherish every second with her.

It’s been a BIG week for Oliva. This past weekend while I was in Miami with girlfriends, her two bottom teeth popped out. She has also started sitting unsupported and now is getting on all fours and rocking. It won’t be long before she’ll be crawling around. She also does the sweetest thing by grabbing your face with both hands and giving you a big, slobbery kiss. There is absolutely nothing better than these kind of kisses. I LOVE it!

Tonight, I put her on the couch and she was on all fours trying to reach Bentley. Bentley thought it was funny and started wagging her tail and her tail would hit Olivia in the face with each swipe. Olivia thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Olivia’s laugh can make anyone laugh! It’s so precious. Avery started laughing and then I could hear Nene laughing from the other room where she was doing some filing for me and I was dying laughing. What a hoot she is!

On another note, our beloved Nene had birthday this past weekend so the Baker (Scott) and Bakerella (Avery) made her a checkerboard cake. She loved it :).


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This summer has been wonderful and very busy. We have actually spent several weekends at home in July enjoying our time with the girls and taking Avery to the waterparks in the area. We had a pool party a couple of weekends ago with some friends followed by a weekend out-of-town.

On another note, Avery and Olivia are both changing so much. Avery is always cracking us up and saying the funniest of things. She also loves to dress up! Just wait until you see the pictures….very funny.

Olivia on the other hand loves to watch her sister and laugh at her. She is such a joy and is the easiest baby. She is so much fun and I will try to get a video of her laugh on here because it is really very unique (and funny and cute). She is starting to get on her hands and knees in crawling position so I don’t think it will be long before she figures it out. If it were up to her, she would stand and walk first but we are trying to discourage this for developmental reasons.


This is quite the style around this house. Tutu’s are required!
This one definitely reminds me of the 80’s:
My Angel Baby:

Dawn, Matt, and Lyla came to visit us a couple of weekends ago, too. Avery is trying to hold Lyla:
Can you believe Lyla is only 2 months in this picture? She is as big as Olivia:

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