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Our lives are forever changed by this precious gift we have been blessed with!  As new parents, we are learning as we go.  Scott has been an amazing Daddy, waking up with her, changing her diapers, and just absolutely adoring her every minute. 

 I desperately wanted to breastfeed and we were off to a great start.  Avery was latching on wonderfully and we even were able to go home a day early because I seemed to be healing so well.  On Thursday morning, my milk arrived and the hospital put me on Darvocet for pain from the c-section which is said to be very safe for breastfeeding.  By Thursday late morning, Avery was not waking up.  She was showing signs of being very sleepy though we were told she would be really hungry and cluster feeding.  I called the pediatrician immediately and he said she was reacting to the narcotic propoxyphene in the pain killers so we switched her to formula immediately and I went off the pain killers including ibuprofen because I was not sure what she was reacting to (fun stuff).  She was back to herself at 5pm, bright-eyed and hungry and was back to her normal feeding patterns after that.  By Friday morning, we tried again with the breastfeeding and apparently, it still was not out of my system so we went back to formula and she had another very sleepy day.  I then called many resources around Houston trying to find out what to do about our breastfeeding situation and the reactions to Darvocet.   To play it safe, we decided to wait until Saturday night at 8pm which was 60 hours post Darovcet medication.  After much pumping, throwing out milk,  and anticipation,  I was so excited because she took to nursing right away without too much struggle and the Darvocet was completely out of my system.   We worked out  the feedings through the night and by this morning, she showed a bit of nipple confusion.   I’m not giving up on breastfeeding.  If I have to, I will exclusively pump. 

Avery is doing really well and though she has seen the pediatrician once already, she has her first well visit on Tuesday.  Her feeding patterns are completely back to normal and she is such a happy and content baby.   My heart aches when I look at her.  She is so precious.  She was visited by her Nana and Papa, Aunty Hillary, Aunt Dawn, and Uncle Matt this weekend. 



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Avery has had a week of many firsts!  We have been enjoying her so much.  Her facial expressions are just adorable and keep us pretty entertained.  She is such a good baby and we are so very fortunate and blessed!  We just love staring at her little face. 


Avery’s first few minutes home and Bentley’s first time to see her: (Bentley loves her Avery!)

Avery’s first sponge bath (did not like it at all)

Avery’s first time in her Boppy and her swing (so content)

Avery hanging out with Aunty Hillary















































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We went in to the hospital on Sunday to be induced at 2pm.  I can’t tell you how anxious we were.  After a long induction process, many hours of contractions and getting my water broken, she still wasn’t making enough progress and was showing signs of distress.  They encouraged us strongly to deliver via c-section so we decided it was best for her.  She was finally born at 3:55pm on Monday afternoon.  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is!!!!  She is perfect and her Mommy and Daddy are just so overjoyed with her.  She is beautiful and healthy and everything we could as for.  I just couldn’t help myself…I have so many pictures I want to share.  Just click on an image for larger viewing!

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Still Waiting…

Technically, we are not due until Tuesday of next week, but our little girl must be feeling pretty comfortable because my progress has been pretty slow!  She still hasn’t dropped and though I have made a little progress in way of dilating, I’ve had no contractions besides Braxton-Hicks and even those have been very few and far in between.  My doctor wonders if her head is too big or I’m too small.   Oh goodness!  I guess we’ll be finding out soon.

  This waiting process has been an experience in itself.   I keep feeling like this whole process is so surreal.  Without being through it before,  it’s kind of hard to actually come to grips with the realness of bringing a child into this world.   We are so looking forward to having her and experiencing life with her.   Scott and I are just trying to take in these quiet days before the big event.  

We assure everyone that we will be letting you know shortly AFTER she arrives! 

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I was going though our picture files and noticed how we had quite a few pictures of Mandy’s belly.  I decided I would put them together and show how much change she’s gone through these last 9+ months.  We are really excited to have Avery here but I do love how beautiful Mandy looks carrying her.  By the way, these are totally unauthorized pictures of Mandy’s belly.


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Well, nothing!  Scott and I are playing the waiting game.  Since we can’t leave town, we have been relaxing at home, daydreaming about the exciting days ahead.  The anticipation is unbearable.   Our due date is April 22nd.    When will Avery decide she wants to meet us?   They usually say that mother’s get a burst of energy before labor.  Does that count for Father’s?  I have been feeling less energetic than usual and Scott has been bustling around the house doing what he calls “honey-do’s” trying to get everything done before Avery’s arrival.    I think we have everything ready to go.  Bentley is completely clueless about what is about to happen to her world.   I guess in a way, we are, too.  It’s hard to really understand what parenthood will be like when you haven’t experienced it before.   I’m certainly ready for the challenge! 

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We celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday!  It is officially on Tuesday,
April 8th.  Because we cannot travel at this point in the pregnancy, we decided to celebrate with dinner.   We went to Tony’s and had a wonderful time.  We spent most of the evening reminiscing about our last two years of marriage and beyond and how many wonderful adventures we have shared.   We have been so very blessed!  The finale of the dinner was “phenomenal” as Scott would say.  We shared a bananas foster souffle (unbelievably delicious), dark chocolate souffle, and 4-tier Belgium chocolate cake.  I know Avery was happy from all the sugar ;).   

We are stuffed!:

Anniversary Dinner

Looking very pregnant:

Bentley Gets Outside Time

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