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Avery is such a hoot!  She is getting up on all fours and trying to get to where she wants to go.  She is so determined. 



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Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged by my blogging buddy, Jocelyn at WhoNeedsInkandPaper to name 6 things that make me happy…

Six Things That Make Me Happy

1. Waking up every morning to the sound of Avery giggling and cooing to herself in her crib.
2. Going on vacations with Scott.
3. Driving around looking at pretty houses and yards.
4. Eating Mexican food at El Tiempo.
5. Spending time with my parents and sisters in Shiner.
6. Beautiful sunny days when it is 70-75 degrees outside.

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First Veggies

These pictures say it all!  She loves squash which we started last Monday and Friday, we introduced peas.  She was equally enthusiastic about those as well.   Avery is such a growing girl!   When it comes to nutrition, Dee offered to steam and puree all her veggies which is a huge help.  However, Earth’s Best brand is the cereal we feed Avery and they have organic baby food as well so we’ve been using that.  It’s just so much easier!


 You can view large photo quality images for print of our Munching Munchkin here. (Moms, you can simply order them right off that page.  It’s super easy!)

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I posted on Friday that I would create a little grocery challenge for myself. I’m happy to report my results! I bought a Sunday paper this morning and also used couponmom.com and was able to save a whopping 37% off our grocery bill. It only took me about 30 minutes total. The great thing was that those savings included everything we needed and wanted. I would have even saved more if I wouldn’t have splurged on pecans, wine, and a few other things! Because I wrote myself a list of things I wanted to purchase, my grocery shopping time was also cut in half.

The Breakdown from Randall’s Grocery Receipt:
Grocery Amount: $180.08
Discounts from Coupons and Store Deals: $66.24 (37%)
Final Amount $113.84

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On Tuesday, Phoebe brought the twins over and we took the little ones strolling to the park two blocks down the road.  It was such a beautiful day and baby Phoebe, George, and Avery loved it.  They even got to swing!  We had so much fun!
Avery Loves Being Outside
Phoebe & George
Avery Swinging

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Happy Birthday Scott!

So I’m a little behind on my posting but Scott’s birthday was on September 29th.  Happy Birthday!  Last year, we celebrated by going to NYC.  This year we celebrated by going to dinner at Mark’s in Houston.  Oh, how things have changed now that we have Sweet Pea!  Regardless, dinner was fabulous and we were able to reminisce about last year’s birthday trip.  I love you, Scott!



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Coupon Mom

With the economy being absolutely upside down and all the craziness in the market, I’m sure a lot of families have been cutting back and really trying to spend more wisely.  Scott and I have been counteracting this volatile time by launching several new businesses.  We ultimately control our own future so we are taking action.   Needless to say, it has been super busy in the Hibner household.   In addition, I was watching Oprah on Tivo today and saw the show about how to save.  I loved the segment on saving on groceries.  To be honest, I’d much rather save 50% on my groceries and go spend the savings on a super cute outfit for Avery.  I know that is silly rationalization but I am also a negotiator by nature so saving on groceries is very motivating to me.  I’ve never clipped coupons but after watching Oprah, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.  Visit www.CouponMom.com to see how this lady saves over 50% on every grocery trip.  Regardless if you need to save money or not, wouldn’t you rather be spending that other 50% that is saved on something more fun like your children, going to the spa, buying new shoes, etc!  I certainly would!  I’m going to challenge myself to a little coupon clipping.  Whatver I save on our next grocery trip, I’m going to spend on Avery.  This gives me ample reason to do it!  I’ll let you know the results in a later post.

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