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19 Week Update

I am now 19 weeks!  I keep getting my weeks confused because time is just flying by.  I have been feeling excellent(compared to earlier ;).  I’m so happy to finally feel the baby moving around.  The funny thing is all the books say you’ll probably start to feel small flutters around 18 weeks or so.  Well, these are NOT little flutters.  This baby is doing kick boxing in my stomach!   I’ve been feeling its little punches (some big) for about 2 weeks now.   I can’t imagine what it is going to feel like later on as the baby grows.  The books say he or she is about 5.5 to 6 inches right now…still tiny but seems pretty strong.   We hope so! 

 We just started using our Baby Plus this week.  It makes repetitive heart beat noises and I do it for two hours a day per instructions for a smart baby (research data does not verify this but I don’t think it hurts to try).   I can’t figure out if the baby likes it or hates it because as soon as I turn it on, he or she starts moving around like crazy.   While I’m on the topic of a smart baby, I was reading a book a friend gave me for preparation for birth and as I flipped through it, I started reading about DHA and so forth.  I’ve been taking DHA supplements and eating walnuts on a daily basis as the omega-3’s are supposed to support healthy brain development for the baby.  The last paragraph in that article was interesting to me though.  It stated if you want to avoid having a large-headed baby and therefore, a possible difficult pregnancy, you can wait until after the baby is born and give the baby DHA supplements then.    Hmmm, I never thought of that as being a problem.  I guess I will take my chances! 

Our next doctor’s appointment is in two weeks and we may get to find out what sex the baby is.  We are excited to find out and have names picked out already.  


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Mandy is now in her 18th week of pregnancy and she’s been doing really well.  She started feeling the baby move and kick about 2 weeks ago.  After multiple attempts, finally last night I was able to feel our little miracle kick.  It was truly an amazing feeling to finally make that connection.  Now I can’t wait for our December 12 appointment so that we can find out if Baby H is a boy or girl.

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For Thanksgiving, we headed down to Shiner to spend time with family.  After eating so much comfort food, it is hard to get out of that mode.  I crave turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie every day now!    However, now that Thanksgiving has passed, everything has turned to Christmas.  No matter what store you go to, Christmas is everywhere.  I LOVE IT!  This is my favorite time of year.   Scott was even nice enough to let me listen to Christmas music on the way home on Friday.  It makes me so happy 🙂   Here are some of Thanksgiving pictures in Shiner:

Thanksgiving 07 Hill, Mandy, Scott

Matt, Dawn, and Hillary Thanxgiving 07

We decorated the house for Christmas this past weekend.  I just couldn’t wait any longer!  After about 4 trips to Hobby Lobby, 3 trips to Lowe’s, Ebay purchases, online shopping, and, of course, several stops to Marshall’s and Tuesday Morning, I have what I need to fill the house with Christmas cheer.   I’m especially proud of my winter village next to the fireplace!  I was able to score several gorgeous Department 56 houses on Ebay for great prices.  I finished off my collection with the Lemax houses from Lowe’s.   I will post pictures of our holiday decor soon.  I still need to order garland for outside.     The garland at local stores just doesn’t look good, and I found some excellent selections online that look really real and full at ChristmasLightsEtc.com.  After adding the garland, I probably should put a halt on the decor for this year.  We have baby remodeling to do soon….  (can’t wait!)  Stay tuned for pictures of the christmas lights.

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Mandy’s Birthday

This year for Mandy’s birthday all she asked for was to attend the 25th Anniversary Gala for The Sunshine Kids Foundation in Houston.  The event was truly moving.  At our table were two survivors.  They conquered their cancer with the help of this wonderful foundation. 

Mandy never ceases to amaze me.  By the way,  Mandy didn’t go without a present for her birthday;  I got her the dress that she wore to the Gala as her gift.

Mandy Getting Ready (notice the bump…Baby H)


After the Gala


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Miracle of Our Baby

We had our 15 week appointment last week and decided to video the sonogram.  Everything about it is so Amazing!  In the video, my doctor points out what everything is.  I think the coolest part is that Baby H was playing with his/her toes. 


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