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Witch’s Broom

What a busy weekend! We had planned on having a lazy weekend at home but with the beautiful weather and a rush of energy, we actually packed a lot in. I don’t know why but days that I plan on being lazy days often turn out to be the complete opposite. Our weekend was filled with trips to our favorite Eat Park per Avery, “aka: Central Market”, trying some new recipes like seafood stew, crafting (making kitty cat masks), lots of decorating of shelves which included unpacking loads and loads of books, and trips to random stores to pick up some styling details for my craft room/office space.

We made this (pretzel stick, mozzarella cheese, and chive or celery string:

Witch's Broom Treats

*idea was taken from Pinterest

My first time making seafood stew (Iphone pic isn’t so great with dimmed lighting):

My first time making seafood cioppino stew!

My precious little Livy at Eat Park ;).

Eat park!!

My monkey posing for a photo opp:

Such a monkey!

Poor Livy is sick today! 😦 I really hope she is feeling better tomorrow. I just want to take all her pain away.


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This is my favorite time of the year over all other seasons. Perhaps it is because of the weather or that I really love how it appeals to the senses (especially the smell of Fall, the changing colors of leaves, the warmth of the indoors, etc.) Now that we are finally home, I’m embracing the chance to make our home hug us with “Fall” when we walk in.

I’ve made a few subtle changes from our last kitchen but it is otherwise very much the same. Besides the change in island color, we did a few other minor things. The one thing we did add are some cool cabinet features that I found on Pinterest like the cutting board that drops straight to the trash can and built-in utensil/drawer organizers.

Love fall!

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I decided that since today was the first day since we moved in that we wouldn’t have contractors in the house doing punch work and the weather has been PERFECT, I would take advantage and run to Warrenton/Round Top to the Antiques Fair. What made it even better was that my life-long bestie came to meet me with her precious little boy, Jed. Toni and I got to catch up on life and also found some goodies at the same time. We got some great deals since it is towards the end and they wanted to get rid of things.
How cute is he? And he was such a happy camper the entire time!
Spent a gorgeous day at Warrenton Antique Fair with Toni and Jed!   So much fun!   Scored some goodies, too :)

Some of my goodies I found (except the books):

I snapped up that oil painting with frame for $10 within the first five minutes of being there. It has the perfect colors for our family room and tying everything together.

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Picnic at the Pond

The weather was gorgeous here yesterday so after we picked up the girls from school, we went on a picnic at our nearby fishing pond. It was very impromptu but the girls had such a good time.

One of the reasons we fell in love with where we live now is the natural beauty that surrounds us. It was important for us to feel like we were in the country. We love being outdoors and truly appreciate the rolling hill country views and the feeling that we live far out in the “Hill Country” (what Texans call it) yet are five minutes from all the stores we like to go to.

Enjoying the gorgeous weather at our fishing pond.

Picnic Time (she loves food!)
Picnic time!

I could eat her up! And don’t mind my messy hair. I’ll get to it one day 😉
Oh, how I love this kid!

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Scott’s Birthday

Saturday we had a low key birthday celebration for Scott at home.   He wanted to watch college football which is something he rarely gets time to do.   The weather was off and on rainy so it was nice to stay home.   Avery and I baked him a cake while Livy watched.    I cooked dinner for him as well which was fun!

Shopping at Whole Foods for Scott’s birthday dinner:

Shopping for Scott's birthday dinner @wholefoods

Rainy Haze:
Rainy Haze makes for a cozy weekend at home!

And a view of beautiful rainbow from our front door after the rain moved on:

Sweet Livy asking me to help her put her shoes on (she is obsessed with shoes, shoes, and more shoes):
DSC_0529 copy

Pineapple Juice, Spiced Rum, Ginger Syrup, and Ginger Beer makes a great cocktail:

Cheese Plate with smoked cheddar, aged sharp cheddar, Holland cheese, pear paste, apricot jam, fruit, and pecans (my food photography skills definitely need to be honed):
DSC_0539 copy

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