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First Word!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Avery’s first word. Today, she said “ma” and then “mama” and “mom”. She did it over and over again because I kept reinforcing it. Daddy is very proud but wishes it was da-da 😉 The speech pathologist in me is super excited about her ability to imitate. Though she wasn’t saying the word with intent or meaning, it means the world to us!


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7 Months Today!

Avery turns 7 months old today! This morning we put her in bed with us to play and she gets so excited to see us. Her little squeals just make me so happy. She does this new thing which she started at the beginning of the week and I think it is the funniest and cutest thing in the world. She makes a half yawn and purses her lips while she is doing it and the sound she makes is the sound that the lion on the Wizard of Oz makes. I call it “The Lion.” It is absolutely hilarious and she does it all the time now. Nana is coming today to see Avery and I can’t wait for her to see “The Lion”. I captured it on video earlier this week, but she was really hamming it up this morning in bed.

Now that Avery is 7 months, she is crawling like a pro, pulling herself up to everything, and tries to climb on the couch. She stood up all by herself yesterday and balanced for 1 second. I really think she’ll be standing without holding on to anything by Christmas. It’s her favorite thing to do. She sits very well and can manipulate her hands and fingers much better than I would have expected at this age. She can pick up little things with her fingers. Yesterday, I waved bye-bye to her and she waved back. Though she doesn’t know what it means, she tries to imitate everything. She can sometimes sign milk but not consistently. She knows what giving kisses is and if you purse your lips and say “Give me a kiss” she will open her mouth very wide and make her lips tight. That’s my favorite thing! Avery, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Next week, I’ll be posting more pictures from our Christmas photo shoot.


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Avery’s Crocs

They are still a little big but they keep her feet warm! Mrs. Fields, our neighbor, gave them to her.

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Weekend With My Sisters


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I learned how to crawl and love going after phones, computers, and remotes. I’m sitting up now really well without the support of my hands. Oh, did I mention I found my tongue? It’s so cool. I love to stick it out when I smile and even when I’m not smiling. I also like making silly scrunchie faces. It makes Mommy and Daddy laugh so hard so I keep doing it over and over again. Mommy and Daddy had to drop the crib because I was pulling up and standing in my bed all by myself. I really love standing and jumping. I got a new tooth this past weekend! My Auntie Dawn found it. Aunt Hill was right there, too! I love my Aunties.

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Special Flowers

Scott came home with these beautiful flowers a few nights ago. He wanted me to think of him while he was away. Like I wouldn’t anyway ;). He’s been traveling a lot lately. I actually think he has been out of town almost every week for the last few weeks. He’s in New Mexico right now. We miss you!

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Silly Faces

Avery’s new thing is scrunching up her nose and smiling. She also found her tongue and sticks it out ALL the time. She cracks me up!

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