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Cabo 2011

We just got back from Cabo after being away for a week. Scott and I had an amazing time and decided to relax so much that we didn’t even take any pictures. That’s a first for me! We spent most of our time laying around the pool or at the spa. I even read 3 books which I do very little of when I am at home. If you can believe it, I only logged on to the computer one time to send a quick email. We were truly decompressing. Scott wanted to go fishing one day so I went along too. We got a few shots on the iphone of our fish and if you saw me, you would laugh. I had my wide brimmed hat on so I wouldn’t get burned and it worked, but I surely didn’t look like a fisherwoman when I was reeling in my Rooster Fish. We truly enjoyed ourselves the entire trip and Cabo never disappoints. It is one of my favorite places!

Dinner at Nick San
The Great Fisher Woman (and my rooster fish) * you should know that Scott added these!
Cabo Azul:
One and Only Palmilla Golf:
One & Only Palmilla
Cabo San Lucas:
Cabo San Lucas


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A very sweet reader (whose blog I was already stalking before she ever found mine) asked if she could do a feature of my home on her blog. I was extremely flattered! My home is still very much a work in progress though. If you are interested, she’ll be posting pictures of my home (including ones that I have not shown on this blog such as Avery’s room, entrance, etc.) throughout the week at A’ La Mode Maven. There are several posts that she did throughout the week. Also, her home is So gorgeous! Make sure to check out what she did with her home. I’m absolutely in love with her office and her little girl’s nursery is perfection. She has great taste!

Visit her blog by clicking here:

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Little Miracles

Olivia has brought so much love and joy to this world and we thank the heavens above for her being sent to us. She is so very special and my heart bursts with love for her. I can already tell that the girls are going to be best of friends.

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Visiting Lyla

Olivia and I went to visit Lyla this past weekend and spent the night. Lyla is such a sweet baby and I only heard her cry for like 3 seconds the entire time we were there. She was so snuggly and just wanted to curl up and sleep. On the other hand, Olivia wanted to play!

Sweet cousins:

This child was born to smile! Seriously, she just can’t help herself. It’s amazing. She even smiles when she is in pain and crying…NO JOKE!

Lyla all bundled up and sleeping so peacefully:

Oh, and isn’t this so precious? I hope the photographer doesn’t mind me posting this of Lyla:

Lyla Rose

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Mother’s Day

Okay, so clearly I’m behind! I’m trying to play catch up because we have a very busy next few weeks with traveling and family get-togethers.

For Mother’s Day, we went to Brenham to have lunch because it was the day before Dawn was scheduled to have Lyla so we didn’t want her traveling anywhere.


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This title was inspired by Avery.   She told me this little phrase this morning after I called her “my baby.”   Oh goodness, she’s growing up!  Did I ever post on here what she said one day when I was driving her to school?  I must!  It’s hilarious!  I texted it to my family as she was saying this so I have her exact words.

Avery:  “I gotta go potty. My brother is in there.   Brother is a boy. ”

Mommy: “Oh?”  (not sure how to respond but giggle)

Avery:  “My brother gotta come out of my tummy.”  (followed by her making a whine because her tummy was hurting)


My favorite is when she tells me I’m a beautiful princess. It just melts my heart! She is also very affectionate and loves to hug and give kisses. I love watching her play with Olivia. 🙂

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Beach & Kemah

We headed to the beach for the weekend last week for a short little getaway. It was Olivia’s first time to the beach and as always, she just went with the flow. We had such a good time with the girls. My childhood memories of going to the beach are so special and I want that for my girls!

The weather was a bit cloudy but it couldn’t have worked out better because it wasn’t too hot. We stayed at The Galvez and after having two kids, my attention to details has deteriorated. I booked the wrong days! Luckily, they had 1 room available but we had to pay for the new date and lost out on the old.



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