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Avery, you are the light of your mommy and daddy’s life! I can’t believe you are already 18 months. What astounds me even more is the rate at which you are learning new things. You are amazing, little one 🙂 Tonight you were so funny. You would make the cutest face with your mouth in a big “O” and your eyes really big like the biggest “surprised” face you could make and your Daddy would mimic you and you thought it was the funniest thing ever. I think you two played that game for at least 30 minutes after storytime.

Mommy and Daddy are taking you to Nana and Papa’s tomorrow because we are going on a trip and my heart is hurting already. I know you will have so much fun on the farm though! Nana and Papa are even taking off days from work to take care of you. I’m still really sad that I won’t be able to take you trick or treating. We’ll be back in a jiffy more relaxed and refreshed so we can be the best parents we can be. Your daddy is so sweet; he is whisking me away for some rest….not from you but from lots and lots of work.

What you are doing now:
To be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping up. You surprise us everyday. Your favorite word of the week is “NO!” Last week it was “Hi!” Tonight you said, “That’s Nana” when you heard Nana’s voice on the voicemail. You really surprise me when you say hard words like juice, sock, and shoes perfectly. Your vocabulary is truly exploding. You can point out pictures of animals, do wooden puzzles, string beads by yourself, put your shoes on (not on the right foot), and many more things.

Your hair is starting to really grow in. It’s curly at the nape of your neck and straight as a board everywhere else. I will be able to put it in a pony tail in a few months 🙂 You really like bows but it’s really hard to get you to keep them in because you prefer to play with them.

This past weekend we were in College Station visiting Aunties and Uncle Matt and while at lunch, you greeted everyone that walked into the restaurant by telling them “Hi!” and waving. You are quite friendly, with the exception of not getting your way. Then you just get really mad in two seconds flat.

All these things make up who you have become and I just get so much joy from all your little idiosynchrosies. I love you so much! I treasure each moment with you!

Funny picture trying to take it myself:
Avery’s cow and calf that Nana and Papa gave her. You must be one lucky girl to be so well taken care of by all your grandparents!

How cute are they?


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Last weekend, we flew out to Florida to celebrate Elizabeth and Brian’s wedding. We left on Friday morning and returned on Sunday. What a blast! We took Avery so we also brought Aunt Hill along to babysit so we could go to all the wedding festivities. The weekend was full of food, drinks, lounging by the pool, and dancing. Avery got her fill of the pool for the season and especially enjoyed chasing the little birdies up and down the beach as they tried to eat the little clams in the sand. She was so funny. Everytime they would fly away, she would throw her hands as to say “Where are they going?” and she would say “W” with the cutest facial expression. Too Funny!
Look who’s headed to the wedding and who’s headed out to the beach:
What is he looking at?

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U2 Concert

Last night, Mariam took me to dinner and the U2 concert for my birthday. How cool is that? Scott was so sweet and stayed home with Avery so we could go have some fun. We had awesome seats and the show was fantastic. Thanks Mariam! As I told her last night, I wish I turned 30 every year from here on out. It’s not too bad getting a surprise birthday party by family and friends, U2 tickets, and a birthday trip. This year will be one to remember.

This is my favorite U2 song:

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Last week, Scott’s Dad and Amy came to Houston and stayed with us. Avery was so excited to see them. They were in town from Tuesday until Friday for business so we got to spend some quality time with them. We don’t get to see them very often because they live quite far from us so it was nice that they came to visit.

Our neighbors are so sweet. They travel a lot and are always thinking of Avery. While in London last weekend, they picked up this little dancing Santa from Harrod’s for her:

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Costume Rehearsal

We won’t be in the States for Halloween because Scott is taking me on a trip for my 30th birthday so that means we won’t get to take Avery trick or treating 😦 However, Nana and Papa will so hopefully they will take lots of pictures. This year Avery is going to be a “Precious Bunny” and that she sure is. I just love these pictures.
Running Away with the Carrot:
This picture cracks me up for some reason:
Bunny Riding the Horsie:

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Silly Goose

I have the hardest time picking just one picture! It’s torture just trying to pick a few out. I like the story that these pictures tell of my very silly little goose eating her oatmeal. 🙂

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I’m going to start with Friday before I move to the surprise on Saturday. Friday night, I went out with the girls to celebrate Elizabeth’s last weekend of being a bachelorette. We danced until we couldn’t walk anymore and I’m not kidding. My poor feet! It was a blast and I sure hurt for it the next day. Since my sister and brother-in-law, Dawn & Matt, came in to town to stay with us for the weekend, Dawn also joined us. Then on Saturday we had planned on going to Warrenton but Hillary said she couldn’t make it, Mom said she had too many papers to grade and on top of that it rained so we just napped. We planned for Dee to babysit on Saturday night so the 4 of us could go to El Tiempo’s for fajitas. I was dragging a bit from the night before so I thought after dinner we could go to the movies. We headed to El Tiempo for dinner at 7:30 and checked in for our reservation. They said to head out to the back. When I got to the back, I started looking for the hostess out there to seat us because that is usually how it works and I didn’t pick up on a few things along the way. I noticed my mom and dad and Toni and Cody there along with Hillary, too. I saw them in my mind but I was so confused I didn’t realize that it was actually them for like 2 seconds. Then they yelled “Surprise” and “Happy Birthday” and I looked around and said “Whose birthday is it?” I was shocked. Elizabeth, Brian, and Mariam showed up shortly after. See, my birthday is not actually until the end of October but we will be out of the country so Scott orchestrated this whole thing. I’ve never had a surprise birthday so it was very special that everyone came to make my “30th” birthday an awesome one. I’m still shocked that I missed so many clues. I was definitely clueless!
Yum – Aunt Edda’s Cake from Chocolate Bar:
Check out that goofy hat they made me wear along with a flashing pin and a necklace that had all these little anti-aging trinkets on it. Ha!

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