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The Big Move

It is time!  We are moving this week.  Though I dread the packing and unpacking, I’m so ready to have this week behind us.   Moving on my birthday sounds oh, so much fun!  We actually have a super busy week!  Between Scott running all over Texas for work and me packing up the house,  we will be ready for some much needed rest.  Luckily, this will be our first weekend at home in over a month so we’ll have time to get it together.  As exciting as moving into a new house is, I’m really looking forward to being settled.   Oh, and did I mention I am most excited about decorating for Christmas this year!  I can’t wait!!!!!   Frontgate.com has the prettiest Christmas decor and so does RestorationHardware.com.  Who could resist? 


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Road Trip to Abilene

This past weekend we drove up to Abilene to visit family and celebrate our nephew’s [Colten] 6th birthday.  Though it is a terribly long drive for such a short weekend, we had so much fun seeing the kiddos.  It’s unfortunate they live so far away because we only see them about 3 times a year.   Those boys are growing so fast!  We hope they will come visit us soon! 

 Colten’s 6th Birthday – The Big Bowler:


Can’t wait to eat that Dinosaur cake!


Opening Presents with Brother, Connor:

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Happy Birthday, Scott!  For his birthday, I took him to one of his favorite places, New York City.  We had a wonderful time.  We stayed at The London which was a fabulous hotel and had perfect weather.   It was by far the most spacious suite we’ve had in NYC so far.  Some of the highlights included going to see Wicked (very entertaining and clever), Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain restaurant, a chilly tour of the city, shopping, and tons of yummy food.  I hope it was all you wished for Scotty! 

“Nobody get in my way!  This NikeTown is calling my name.”:


Where should we go shopping next?  So many options…


“It’s my birthday!”


Time Square at Night!


Can’t wait to see Wicked!


A beautiful day in New York!


Mementos for the billboard (where Scott puts everything):


Going to Eat Out on the Town!


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Baby’s HeartBeat

To listen to Baby H’s heartbeat, simply click on this link:  heartbeat.WAV    You should be brought to a page where you can listen to it.  It’s super cool!

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More Baby Pictures!

Scott and I went to visit the doctor today and we received new baby pictures.  Baby H is growing!  It was so unbelievably amazing to see this little baby inside of me.  The coolest part was when the doctor put its heartbeat on speaker.  Baby H started moving around all over the place.  It was like he/she was dancing about in there to the sound of its own heartbeat.   I never really knew that the baby is able to do such amazing things at 11 1/2 weeks.   Apparently, we cannot find out what sex it is until around 21 weeks or so.   However, we did digitally record its heartbeat and will be posting it on here shortly.   The last picture is the clearest.  I’m in awe of this baby!


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