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 We were very fortunate to have our friends come and join us this past weekend for our 2nd Annual Christmas Party.   Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures but I was able to get some from my sister but they are mostly of us.   We thank everyone whom attended and for those who were not able to make it, we wish you were there!  

Dawn, me, and Hillary (in order, sorry for the grammar) hanging out in the kitchen:

Christmas Party - Mandy, Dawn, and Hillary

Hillary, Scott, Dawn, and Matt partying outside:

Christmas on the Patio

Me drinking my sparkling Apple Cider (I know this will provide good laughs for my family because of the way of the way I’m holding the glass; they always give me a hard time about that but I just can’t help it!):

Drinking my Faux Cocktail

A few good men (especially my Scott):

The boys


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Christmas at Our Home

I absolutely love Christmas and decorating is so much fun!  I mentioned earlier I would post pictures of some of our holiday fun. 

Christmas Village (it’s so hard to capture the fun in this village;  the people dance in one of the homes, the church plays Christmas music, and the Firehouse lights up with flashing red lights.):

Christmas Village

Christmas Flowers (wish they would keep longer):

Christmas Flowers

Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree

More Christmas Flowers

And My Very Favorite Christmas Accessory:

Bentley Baby

Pictures can’t really capture the fun but we are really enjoying it.  We can’t wait to spend Christmas holidays with our family.   December is passing by so quickly! 

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Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Guess!!  Boy or Girl?  It’s a Boy!

No, just fibbing….  It’s really a girl!  Yes, we are going to have a daughter.  Her name is Avery Grace Hibner.  We are so overjoyed to finally know.   The wait for today’s surprise has seemed like forever.  We asked the doctor to make sure and she said it’s definitely a girl.   We can now start making purchases in preparation for Avery Grace’s arrival. 

The doctor said her weight is in the 94th percentile which to me could mean many things.  Being research minded that I am, I tried to look it up, but most of the articles lead to scientific journals that I do not have access to.  For now, we are both interpreting her size as being BIG!   Scott and I were both so focused on the questions that we had on our list that we forgot to ask her.  If I heard her correctly, she weighs 1lb 1 ounce and we are at 21 weeks, 1 day gestation.   You wouldn’t know that she was so big by looking at my tummy.  She must be hanging out close to my spine.

We will be posting the ultrasound this week, as soon as we get it formatted for the blog.  It’s very cool but a little harder to interpret than the earlier ones because the baby is quite a bit bigger.    Stay tuned for the Avery Grace movie…

Oh, and for those of you (one of you in particular) who have been waiting to see my Christmas decorations, I will post them later today.  We just ran to Best Buy to get a new charger for the camera because we somehow lost ours.  I will also try to get pictures of the Christmas party up.   I didn’t take any but Dawn did.

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Crazy Week

I can’t believe December is flying by so quickly.  Before I know it, this month will have come and gone.   Scott and I have both been busy.  Scott has been traveling quite a bit and  my pearls are selling like hotcakes for Christmas.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this trend continues!  

 The house is finally starting to feel complete.  We had the painters in here for several days this week repainting all the move-in boo-boos and so forth.  Our bedding, living room furniture, and rugs finally came in, too.   I’ve been so worried that not everything is going to work together.  Decorating is quite challenging, especially when you are working with very small swatches of fabric for the furniture and have to try to coordinate that with rugs and all the other pieces.  After waiting for a month for our rugs and two months for the furniture, it’s finally starting to look like a home!    

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Baby’s First Outfit

I’ve been meaning to go into this cute little boutique on Sunset Blvd called “Olio” for a while so I finally did on Saturday.  They have a little of everything from home decor to the cutest apparel.  I was looking in there baby room at the precious stuff they had and couldn’t resist from buying something.  Baby H will love it!  It has a cute little tail on the back, too!  


This is the first thing we’ve purchase for the baby.  Buying baby things makes it so real!  To be honest, I am still very scared.  We all want everything to turn out perfectly and life sometimes has its own agenda.  

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