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Kelly at Kelly’s Korner is hosting a Fashion Tips Carousel and I thought it would be fun to participate in so 10 years down the road when I read this, I can look back and see what kind of funny things I was wearing in 2010. 

First of all, I would not consider myself cutting edge in the fashion world at all nor would I give anyone fashion tips so I changed it to my fashion style.  Ha!  I love classic style.   I stick with pieces that will still be in style in 10 years like solid colors and stripes.    That way, when I splurge on garments, I can wear them for many years.   I’m not sure why but I just like solid colors.  Occasionally, I’ll purchase some things with patterns like dresses and a few fun tops.

My top picks for Winter:  Large Akoya Pearl Earrings (of course, because it has been my business for years), Paige Denim Jeans (they don’t flare out at the waist in the back and they maintain shape), Solid-colored tops, Tory Burch Flats

This pic is what I wear most days:
Family Pic 2009

My top picks for Spring Summer:   Large Akoya Pearl Earrings, J crew shorts, Gap and Jcrew Tank tops or RL Polo collared-shirts, Tory Burch Sandals and Francesca’s dresses


I love to stay with solid colors and my favorite is white. I think half of my wardrobe is white. It’s just so fresh and pretty. If I had a beach house, I would decorate it all in white as well 🙂

I’m pretty conservative with fashion.  However, I do love shoes.   They are great for spicing up a style.   If I want to dress up a pair of jeans and sweater, I wear boots or fun heels. 

Some of my favorite things for Spring (I’ve linked to the product so you can click on the picture):

I love these because they go with everything.  I wear them with black, white, and everything in between:


I love this cute dress from J. Crew.  What a pretty color!

I really like this white ruffled Tee.  Her look is what I what consider my style. 
Cute White Top from Gap:
Love the top, not the skirt…from Francesca’s:

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I really love Valentine’s Day!  I remember being in college and cringing at the thought of it during my single days.   Now I just want to make tons of handmade gifts and celebrate.   I should correct myself…I WANT to make tons of handmade gifts but will be more likely to BUY them on Etsy because it is easier.  Ha!

I’ve recently changed my homepage from RealSimple.com to MarthaStewart.com and she has so many creative Vday ideas.   I love everything on that site.  It’s like my cup of coffee (since I don’t drink coffee) before work.  For Avery’s classmates, I found the perfect ideas for making our own little cards.  I’m excited about doing it with her.  

On another note, I’m shopping around for Avery’s gifts (Scott’s too but can’t be disclosed here) and I think I’m going to go with a pair of shoes.  She grows out of them at an extraordinary rate and she absolutely loves them.  She loves them more than me and I’m not kidding.  I love shoes but she LOVES shoes.  The problem is there are so many options.  I need to stick with Tennis shoes because she has almost outgrown her Lacoste tennies that we picked up for her in Miami.   Seems like just yesterday.   These are my favorites:

These are my top choice for now.   Puma’s $39.95 at Zappos.com

Puma Kids Hawaii Xt V Inf (Infant/Toddler)

Nike Shox $32.80 at Zappos.com:

Nike Kids Nike Shox Turbo 8 (Infant/Toddler)

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Back from Vegas

We are back from Vegas and I’m glad to be home!  It was nice to be back with Avery Sunday evening.  We drove straight from the airport to my parents house to get her.  Thursday to Sunday is quite a long time in Vegas….for me anyways.

We had a lot of fun but that place is exhausting. We stayed at the Bellagio which is a beautiful hotel. My favorite part was eating and we did a lot of that. We went to Hubert Keller’s Fleur de Lys and Bradley Ogden’s restaurant in Caesar’s Palace.   We also ate at Yellowtail, a wonderful sushi restaurant in Bellagio.   There was plenty of eating in between as well 🙂   

As far as gambling goes, I don’t like it so we did very little.  I gambled $1.   Actually, I started gambling and was going to cash out at 93 cents and the machine jammed so the assistant just game me $1.  I then put it  back in the machine and lost it.  Scott played some black jack.    If you like to gamble that’s excellent, but why just throw your money away.    The stock market is about all the gambling I can handle.   I know plenty of people who love it.  I’m one of the many few who don’t. 

 We went for the Builder’s Show so Scott could see customers and I could get vendor information for the house.   That was certainly interesting and I found a few things I would like to have including huge stone slabs that are 18×24 for our outdoor area and possibly some indoor spaces as well.   We looked a lot at pavers because personally, I would like something more authentic like stone rather than pave stone (manufactured) but we have a ton of driveway square footage so I don’t know if that is going to be a feasible option. 

On another note, Avery had a ton of fun at Nana and Papa’s house.   She got to play outside a lot because the weather was beautiful. Avery would spend her whole entire days outside if she could.   She LOVES to be outside!   She got to go see the fishies in the pond, the moo cows in the pasture, jump in her jumpie, eat lots of great food, ride in her wagon, and all the fun things children love to do in the country.   When we were driving back from Nana and Papa’s on Monday morning, I realized that being in the country brings a calm and nostalgia that the city just can’t.  Maybe it is because that is where I grew up. 

(P.S.  I don’t have any pics.   We didn’t bring our camera and I wish we would have. )

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We had a really nice weekend at home.   Our Friday evening was comprised of our usual Central Market outing.  It’s one of my favorite places.   If you’ve been and you like food, you would understand 🙂   It’s delightful! 

 Saturday was a cold and yucky day.  We went up to see how our home is coming along.  There were some men there making sure that the pad was dry so they could pour this week.  Finally, the weather is on our side!!   The day was relaxing until it was time for Avery to take a nap.  We were in the living room when all of a sudden we heard a huge thud followed immediately by screaming.  Scott knew right away that she had climbed out and I freaked out.   I was so scared to go in her room.   Scott found her on the floor and luckily she seemed okay for the most part besides a bleeding tooth and a scatch on her tummy from the nearby dresser.   If there is such a thing as losing 10 years off your life because of being frightened, I lost 40 years.   I now have padding all over her pretty dresser.  Nice!   I recovered about an hour later.  

On Saturday evening, we went out with friends for dinner at a new restaurant called followed by games at Elizabeth and Brian’s house.  I always love playing games.  It makes me feel like a kid again.

Check out these fun little cupid pics below!  Avery loves to dance so she had fun twirling in her tutu.  Notice she also likes to wear my hair rollers as bracelets.   I can’t believe she’s going to be 21 months this week.

DSC_0226 copy

DSC_0224 copy
DSC_0231 copy

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DSC_0193 copy
DSC_0183 copy
DSC_0219 copy

God sent and angel to Earth from above,
To a Mommy and Daddy with hearts full of love,
They hoped and they prayed for a miracle
It’s true…
God sent an angel and Avery,  she’s you.

Author: Tricia Cole


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Yesterday, I was at lunch with Scott and I mentioned to him that it would be awesome if I could find someone to design a software for me where I could design my rooms and see what it would look like. They have this software for fashion so why not for homes. I just found a fabulous software that does this for interior design! I’m so excited and it isn’t that expensive. If you are like me and not a professional designer this is super helpful: http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/products/interiordesigner/ I can design the room exactly how I want it to look without commiting until I get the exact look I want. I would imagine that it would also be very helpful professionals as well. It allows you to do a lot of detailed work. You can actually choose paint colors from Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore. It has a feature that allows you to upload your own images as well.

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I’ve been practicing my new photography skills. I still have a long way to go but I’m forcing myself to stay in Manual mode until I feel really comfortable with it. It’s quite difficult when you have a very active subject.
I took her out this morning before school for a little fun practice shoot.
This one was right after she got scared. Scott was knocking the ice off of our fountain. You can still see her tears.

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