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Happy Friday!

This morning I wanted to capture Avery on her way out the door headed to school.   She’s rather funny around the camera.   She gave me about 4 seconds and looked right at the camera and smiled but this mama didn’t have it together so I ruined my opportunity.   It’s nearly impossible to get her to look at the camera.   It’s like the big black monster or something.   She looks everywhere else instead.   

Also, I don’t want to forget these little funny things:
#1. Pretty much every time she is in her closet, she goes to all her winter vests and puts each one on and asks me to zip. After she goes through all those, she gets out her life vests and proceeds to ask me to buckle her in and then says “Swim in the water?”
#2. She told me this morning while sitting on the couch, “I kept my biaper (not a typo) on” and she actually did keep it on last night amazingly as we wait for miracle jammies to come in. I think it’s funny that she felt the need to make sure I knew she kept it on.
#3. This morning before she started eating her oatmeal, she proceeded to meditate with her arms up and out and said “Ommm, dkhsisosidisohgods (jibberish)” and then laughed and started eating. It was really funny! I have no idea where she got that from. Her school is Christian so she was probably trying to imitate something they do.

Walking to School 7
Headed to school 7.29


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Finding A Dream Job….

Have you ever wondered what your dream job is?  I do all the time!  Do I have my dream job?  Should I pursue a new dream job?  What would it be if I’m not doing it right now?

  In fact, I just had lunch with one of my good friends, Toni, and we talked about this a little bit.   When I was working on my Master’s to be a speech pathologist, I realized early on that my dream job was to be an entrepreneur or so I thought, specifically to have  successful businesses online that would allow me to have a lot of flexibility.      I think quite often of what my dream job would be and I must be doing it because I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do at this time.   There is no doubt about it.   BUT my office is lonely…..soooo quiet.  It’s just me and Bentley .    There are certainly benefits to this….no distractions, no office politics, extremely efficient work…maybe too efficient though.    Now that I think of the benefits, lonely doesn’t sound so bad….but lonely it is.   What else would I like to do in addition to what I do now?  I think maybe it would be good for me to do charity work or something where I can give back.  I think some of the most fulfilling jobs are those where people work with others and can make a difference in their lives.   That is actually the reason I decided to go to college for speech-language pathology.  I really miss that part!

What is your dream job?  Do you have it?   I love to hear about what people do and if it is their dream job.   I still think it would be fun to have Martha Stewart’s job…it seems fabulous though I don’t know if I could ever get over the being in front of a camera part for TV.   I would love all the craftiness!!   For now, I’ll just go to her website and read what she is up to 🙂

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The Solution

In a follow up to my previous post, I ordered the PJ’s from LittleKeeperSleeper.com (as many nice commenters recommended putting PJ’s on backwards and zip up in the back which is a great idea and Andrea, who saw our struggle, recommended a cool site where they actually make them especially for that). Thank you to everyone for your help.   I really like that they have a non-stretch neckline because that is how she currently escapes….by wiggling out through the neck. I can’t see how she will possibly get out of these now 🙂   What a smart product!   I wanted to post this because I figure there are a lot more parents out there who have a similar situation.

Image by LittleKeeperSleeper.com

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Avery takes her diaper off at nap and at night and pees on everything. Therefore we have tried a number of things but she is very sneaky and can maneuver very well. I’m literally watching her on the monitor right now during naptime as she works her magic. I just Googled solutions as nothing that we have come up with has worked. I came across this great reference from Berkeley where parents share their solutions for this problem. We have tried many of these things with no success because she is that good, but there are some on here that I think will really work. The onesie and nap blanket have not been successful for us. However, the nap blanket has been successful from climbing out of the crib and hurting herself which I’m very thankful for. The link: http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/potty/diaperoff.html

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This past weekend we went to stay with my parents and on the way we stopped in Brenham to help Dawn and Matt out with the move. We got off to a great start with Avery blessing their house. I’m not sure why but Friday was not a good potty day. However, she has been doing excellent so I can’t complain.

We then moved along to Shiner and Matt had a softball game at 11pm in Moulton so most of the family headed over to go watch. I’m lucky to make it until 11pm much less play a game or watch one at that time. They did end up winning so we all went out there on Saturday to watch Matt play and to enjoy the festivities of the Jamboree. It was quite hot so I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible with Avery. She enjoyed every second of it and even got to slip ‘n slide at Nana and Papa’s. We forgot our camera this time 😦 so I have no evidence of her first slip ‘n slide experience.

On Sunday, Nana, Scott and I took Avery to the parade and I’m not sure what she loved more…the tootsie roll pop or the floats and horses but I’m going to say it was the tootsie roll pop.
Moulton jamboree 2010

We also visited GiGi K(Avery’s great grandma), my grandmother whom just went into the nursing home this past weekend, and GiGi R came over to visit us out at the ballpark while watching Matt play softball.

We certainly had a full weekend and headed back this morning because Scott wanted to go fishing last night. Nana is keeping Avery for the next few days so we are off to go watch a movie tonight.

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I know Avery will be as happy as she is in the picture below when she finds out where we are going. I’m off to go pack. Oh, that reminds me, I can’t forget to bring the $3 slip and slide we got from Target. What a deal! Just thinking about that slip and slide brings me back to the age of 5 or 6 playing at Patsy Wagner’s (our babysitter) house. Our slip and slide back then was a big black tarp.

Avery Galveston 2010 2

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Avery Then & Now

Dawn came to visit yesterday to keep me company while Scott is out of town. That means time for shopping and eating! They are moving into their new home tomorrow so we’ll be helping them move and we went around town looking for new furniture for her living area. Afterwords, we decided to go to Sushi King with Avery and Dawn pulled out her iphone and said, “Guess what? I have a picture of Avery at Sushi King when she was bald.” Looking at that picture just floors me. To see how much she has changed really hits home how fast time goes by. We took another picture of her to compare so there is a THEN (she is about 15 mos) and NOW (she is a few months over 2).   I added a few more pics below for reference because I had to really think about how old she was based on what we were wearing, her facial features and her teeth. Isn’t that terrible? I really thought at first that she was much younger in that pic until I started really investigating. 

I also noticed she was still eating baby food and I told Dawn that Dr. Walburn, Avery’s pediatrician, gave us the best advice ever. He said that we should keep her exclusively on baby food for as long as possible… specifically until she was 2. Ha! We didn’t make it that long but I realized he was so right. Until we took Avery off of baby food, she would eat all veggies from peas, carrots, green beans, etc and now we have to hide them in her yogurt, etc. It sure did make it easy for planning meals.

Then at around 15 months taken with Dawn’s phone (holy smokes, I look like I needed sleep or something DRASTIC!):
avery sushi king little baby
Now taken with Dawn’s phone (Avery with Auntie Dawn at 2 years, 3 months):
avery sushi king 2 yrs 3 mos.

For reference:

This is Avery at 8 months:
Avery at 8 months

Avery at 11 months:
11 months

Avery at 15 months:

I can’t believe the difference in such little time!

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