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Craft & Mudd Room Design

I’m sure this space will change a million times over the years! It’s an evolving space ūüôā so I wanted to make sure the foundation was neutral. I chose a light limestone for the counters because it is very clean with little movement and goes with everything. For the spring, I’m really loving the color palette of turquoise, chartreuse, and yellow (you won’t see yellow yet because I haven’t introduced it but will soon) against the neutral limestone and paint.

Our mudd room/craft space is between our garage and our kitchen so it gets a lot of traffic and I wanted it to be really functional. I decided early on that I wanted a space that I could do crafting because I love the idea of it and figured maybe I’d actually do them if I had a space for it. I added a huge bin (to the right of my chair) for wrapping paper and gift bags and large file drawers for organizing all my paperwork. I made the framed cork board with a frame I had painted by our painters and leftover linen fabric from our bedroom drapery. Scott helped, too ūüôā I debated whether to leave the cabinet doors above my computer area off but decided to leave them on for now. I really love open shelving and may do that down the road. The open lockers and baskets have really come in handy. We keep our shoes and coats here. We don’t wear shoes in the house so this is where we drop them coming in. Avery and I love being barefooted so this fits us well. At the door going out to the garage, I added a little Turquoise outbox bin (Martha Stewart on sale for $3.99 so couldn’t resist) for anything needing to be mailed or put away in the garage so it wouldn’t just sit on the counter.

I spend a lot of time in this area so I really wanted it to feel like a happy space where I can work on projects!

I plan on putting pics of the kiddos on my cork board backed with pretty papers:
Our catch all for shoes, purses, and coats:
I love this whiteboard for writing notes and needed groceries! It’s right next to the pantry for easy access to write needed items and also right next to the garage door to serve as a reminder:


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I’m back to working several hours a day to make sure my business continues to run smoothly and I’ve had my little assistant helping me. We listen to Beethoven and Mozart in the morning with a little Easton Corbin and Carrie Underwood splashed in for Mama. I made her a mobile out of graphic cards that have a lot of contrast so she has fun things to look at. Right now, she sleeps most of the day. When I’m not holding her, she loves to sleep in her car seat which keeps her from having reflux. We’ve been doing really well considering poor Nene has been out sick with the flu.

We went to her pediatrician yesterday and he said everything looks great!

My little sleepy head:
So little. :). They don’t stay that way for very long.

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Fast Weekend

This past weekend flew by! Scott’s mom came to visit Saturday and Sunday and we had our first outing to a restaurant since Olivia was born. It isn’t something we’ll do often while she is so young but it was nice to get out of the house. I get restless being at home for long periods. Sunday, while Avery was down for a nap and Olivia was sleeping, I ran to the mall and did a little damage.

Monday was Avery’s first day of her new school and she really seems to like it so far. We debated whether it was a good time to make the change with all the other changes but she seems to be adjusting well and is happy to go in the mornings.

She entertains herself with the iPhone after dinner when we go out to eat:

First day of school and they wear uniforms. I think it is time for a haircut since she will not keep clips in:
First evening walk:

Avery made sure to let us know that she needed to be in a stroller, too! Somehow I deleted the good pics off my drive so this is the only one I am left with of her from our walk:

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Now that I have some energy again, I’ve been thinking about how to decorate the house.¬†¬† I’m back into nesting mode!¬† Isn’t it funny how having a baby does that to you.¬† My problem is I am having a hard time focusing on one room and keep getting distracted by others. I’ve decided the best way to handle this is for me to focus on Olivia’s and Avery’s room to get those done and to¬†have one of the talented designers I love¬†to focus on our family and breakfast rooms and then I’ll move on from there.¬† Being in the house now for a¬†month has given me a better idea of what I want to do.¬†¬†¬†I think having a plan of action will help me stay on track.

The Master was¬†designed in collaboration with¬†Erika and her team at Urban Grace Interiors –¬†www.urbangraceinteriors.com.¬†¬† It is a work in progress as things are on backorder.¬†¬†¬† She’s very talented!¬† I’m anxiously awaiting a few final pieces and hopefully everything will be complete by May.¬†¬† I love the way it is turning out and look forward to seeing it all pulled together.¬†¬† On that note, I love blogging about design but do struggle with what to share or if I should share more.¬†¬† I love¬† pouring through blogs and reading about others and how they decorate their homes and the progress pictures.¬†¬†¬†There are so, so many talented people out there and I love finding inspiration from them.¬† It’s so fun seeing how a room can be transformed and it is something I thoroughly enjoy.¬† I¬†think it is awesome¬†that others open up and share their¬†spaces but it is their personal space¬† and taste and I know how vulnerable they are to being hurt by commenters.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

For the Master, I pulled different ideas from different inspiration pictures I had in my file. 

I love this bedroom and its neutral tones.   The play on tone on tone and texture is beautiful and I like that the pillows can be changed out to create a different look depending on your mood. 

I am in love with everything about this room except I’m not a huge fan of that particular color. I am a huge fan of Suzanne Kasler’s work and my files are filled with images of her work. I have several things from her different lines like my lanterns in the kitchen.

Intaglios……LOVE them! I will have framed intaglios in our bedroom.

This bedroom is one of my all time favorite bedrooms. Incidentally, this home was two blocks from the house we just moved¬†from and I love her entire home. I’m all about white!¬†¬† This room speaks to me ūüôā The drapery is gorgeous and the seagrass adds warmth.

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We Are Home!

We came home on Sunday and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful! We were so excited to be leaving the hospital and to bring home our healthy baby. Everything seems to have resolved itself and we just need to continue to monitor her.

Being away from Avery was really hard and as luck would have it, Avery got sick on Friday so I knew I wouldn’t be able to give her as much love and attention as I would have liked. We struggled with what to do and consulted with Olivia’s two pediatricians and another doctor at the hospital. One doctor was adamant about me taking Olivia somewhere until Avery got better while both her pediatricians agreed we should bring her home but maintain a distance and be very careful. It has been a challenge but Avery does seem to be feeling better today so hopefully tomorrow, I can give her the attention she needs! She is such a sweetheart and really wants to love on her baby sister so I’m really looking forward to getting her feeling well. She gets her dolly out and wraps it up in a blanket and feeds it just like Mommy does with Olivia. She really wants to hold Olivia and touch her. I’ve been keeping Olivia isolated in our bedroom where we hang out. Fortunately, Nene is here taking care of Avery because my mom got sick as well. Avery loves Nene and it has been such a blessing to have my family and Nene help us out. Nene will be Olivia’s nanny once Avery is healthy enough to go back to school. Right now, Avery needs the full-time attention and Scott is a huge help to me with Olivia.

So very happy to be going home:

First doctor visit:

My sick baby:

Toni came to visit us :

Hillary came to visit us and help out while Scott had to travel for work:

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Our little miracle arrived Wednesday at 10:55 am via c-section weighing in at 7 pounds and 14 ounces and 19 inches long! Since that moment, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. She swallowed a lot of extra fluid which is common in c-section babies, but she had too much so I got a brief glimpse of my angel and they took her to NICU and put her on oxygen. I cried and cried! They told us later that she looked great and was off oxygen and she would be out in 6 hours and just needed monitoring. I was so relieved! I wanted to see my baby and was so worried about her. Scott and my family were able to go in to NICU during her 6 hour monitoring but I was stuck in recovery mode. By 5pm, I was so excited to get to see her because they told us she was being released to come see me. At 5:30pm, we called again asking about her whereabouts and they told us 10 more minutes after telling us we would get her at 5pm. After 20 minutes more, we called again and they said she had been sent down and it would probably be 10 more minutes. I still had not gotten to see her since that brief moment at delivery at 10:55am. At 6:30 pm, Scott went searching. In the meantime, a nurse finally came in with a look on her face that gave me the worst feeling. You could tell she was scared. My heart dropped! She said she was transferring Olivia to my room and she started vomiting green bile. She immediately turned her around and rushed her back. I could tell the nurse was really uneasy which in turn made me extremely scared and I hadn’t been to see her yet. Several doctors came in to talk to us and apologized about the communication gaps between 5pm and 6:30pm and explained what happened and what it meant for us. Basically, they didn’t really have answers but suspected there was an intestinal issue. I was an emotional wreck already from not knowing where she was for an hour and a half. They allowed me to immediately go see her. My eyes were so swollen from crying that I could barely keep them open. She was so beautiful and I was so relieved just to be able to hold her. The last 8 hours had been beyond scary for me and to think about those moments now brings back the same terrible feelings. No one really knew why she was spitting up bile and not having answers meant we had to wait and see. By morning, they decided to order a barium enema because she wasn’t keeping anything down and she had no bm’s. They told us it could just be a muconium plug or it could require surgery if it were a certain disease but only time would tell. From the barium test, they could see that part of her large intestines were slightly smaller which could simply be from under use due to a plug or could mean part is not functioning properly and would need to be removed. After the study Thursday morning, things really started turning around and she started having bm’s and eating without spitting it all up. This was awesome news meaning possibly that her intestines just needed a little help from the barium and was resolving on its own. We were able to start feeding her and they wanted to continue to monitor her and keep her on IV so her intestines wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

It is now Friday evening and so far she is doing really well in NICU and we’ve had successful feedings every 3 hours. We pray that she continues along this path and can come to our room tomorrow. I pray that she will have a great night tonight!


Thank you so much for everyone’s well wishes! I didn’t get any pictures of Olivia with Avery, Nana and Papa, Matt, and Hillary ūüė¶ but they were there.

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Today is the day that we will welcome Olivia Paige into the world. We can’t wait to meet and hold her.

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