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Scott and I want Baby H to have the best start in life possible so I have been doing my homework on what I should be doing now to ensure that happens.  I came upon BabyPlus in a magazine and it looks really interesting.  It is an audio device that plays certain sounds to the baby via headphones to the tummy.   There are studies that show that it can be very beneficial to the babies neurological development.

I ordered it this week and though I do not know if it really works, I am definitely willing to try it.  It surely can’t hurt!  I do know that music has been proven to enhance our abilities to learn so it makes sense that this would be effective.

BabyPlus Educational System


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Yoga: Day 1

Okay, so I’m not going to post about every yoga session but today was my first class.  Whoa!  I will be the first to say this is going to be quite a challenge.   After recovering from the first ten minutes of warm-up (felt very faint), I managed to make it through the rest of the class.    I have quite a bit to learn and most of it is out of my comfort zone, but I truly think it will help get me centered and less stressed out.  My instructor says that I live in a constant state of stress without even realizing it.  Yikes!  That can’t be good for Baby H.    

Tip of the day:  She did teach me that one thing I need to start doing quite often is being conscious of my breathing.  I am supposed to exhale all of my air until there is absolutely nothing there, then hold it and proceed to fill my lungs with fresh, new oxygen.  If I feel tightness in my chest, then I need to do it more.   

Tomorrow is Tai Chi class! 

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Expecting Cards

I really was not able to find any cute expecting cards anywhere online.  I decided to make my own email cards to send out to everyone when the time is right.    We are trying to wait until our next doctor’s appointment before we tell everyone the wonderful news.   I know Mom is really struggling to keep the secret.  

(*Image of clothing courtesy of finestationary.com)

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The Yoga Journey

I decided I need routine exercise in my life, especially now that I am preggers.  Being that I can barely walk up the four flights of stairs in our house without passing out (literally), I thought I would try Yoga.  Previously, I have only practiced Pilates, and apparently, Yoga is focused not only on strength but relaxation and energy (just what I need).  Today was my first day and my instructor informed me that my cool (water) and warm (fire) energy is basically backwards.  I know that sounds strange but I really do need all the help I can get with the constant pain in my shoulders.  I will keep you posted on whether or not I can get my energy aligned properly 😉    Nonetheless, it gets me out of the office for a while and keeps me focused on my health.  I am excited to try it!  

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New Mexico Trip

Last week, we ventured to New Mexico to visit Scott’s family.  They are quite spread out so we drove over 1,000 miles getting from one place to another.   We had a great time and I was finally fortunate enough to meet Mike and Diane for the first time, Scott’s Uncle and Aunt.   We also stayed with Buddy and Amy for a few days which was very nice.   We enjoyed great cooking,  scenic tours, some fishing, and most of all, a great time with family.  Here are some pictures!  Enjoy!

Lunch Stop in Silverton with Mike and Diane:

Silverton Lunch Stop

Drive to Ouray, Colorado:

Gorgeous Mountains!

Diane and Scott hiking down the mountain to get a better view of the waterfalls:

Hiking to View the Waterfalls!

The Waterfall was worth the hike:

Waterfalls Close to Ouray, CO

Ouray, Colorado nestled right in the middle of majestic mountains:

Ouray Surrounded by Majestic Mountains

Scott and his Dad enjoying their favorite pasttime in Las Vegas, NM:

Gone Fishing!

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Baby’s First Picture

Baby Sonogram - Sept. 07

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