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For all those who are wanting to have a precious little baby, my prayers go out for you. I watched this video shortly after we got pregnant with Avery. I cried and cried. For some people it can be so difficult to get pregnant and I have friends who have experienced the pain. Please stay hopeful! This is such a beautiful and moving song.


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We made it back late last night in one piece! Our trip was wonderful and I’ll post all about it with pictures. Yesterday was VERY long and not so great due to really bad Houston weather. What was supposed to be a 2 hour flight turned into 6 hours. We ran out of gas circling Houston and had to go wait it out the weather at the Corpus Christi airport for several hours. Add two more hours sitting at the Cabo Airport and at least an hour trying to get through customs and baggage. We only planned for two hours with Avery and bless her heart, she was such a trooper. She was unbelievably happy despite not having any sleep from 10am (morning nap) until 10:30pm when we got into our car which just so happened to have a dead battery. Ha! Scott left his phone charger plugged in. We are back safe and sound and healthy so we are very happy! I wish the weather here (rainy) is like the weather in Cabo (always sunny) 🙂 I sure do miss that weather already 😉

Note: I’m very thankful that we were able to leave when we did due to the Swine Flu scare.

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What an exciting day!  Today is Avery’s Big 1st Birthday.    I can’t believe it’s been 1 year to the day that we first got to meet our little sweet pea.  Oh, how she has blessed our lives in ways we could have never imagined.  We celebrated her birthday party this past weekend, and despite the terrible weather and pouring rain, she had a wonderful time.   The party was planned to be outdoors, but my parents have a great shop with lots of space so we moved it indoors.  All of our family and friends came to celebrate Avery’s special day.   Avery really enjoyed being able to eat cake and have pink lemonade.   She was a huge fan of the sugar :)!     Thank you so much to all of our family and friends that came to Avery’s birthday, despite the bad weather.   

Today, Avery’s real birthday, will actually be a bit low key.  I have a lot of work and packing to do before we leave tomorrow morning to Cabo.  We are all very excited about the trip.  Since we are taking Dee and Avery, I have to pack carefully because we don’t want to go over the new baggage allowances.   We are going to start Avery on a new milk today (which may come back to bite us).  She has been on ready-made Similac for her whole first year and now we want her to graduate to milk-based product and since we are traveling, I bought the Nestle Good Start for Toddlers which is a powder yesterday.  We should have started it a week or so ago, but I was so distracted by birthday planning that I put all thoughts of this trip off until yesterday.   I hope everything goes smoothly!


























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Party Time!

I spent most of today preparing for Avery’s birthday. Making the party favors of homemade monogrammed cookies and candied pretzel sticks was a bit over ambitious of me. It took me forever. I’m flat out exhausted. I just finished up making the last parts of her birthday outfit. Now I need to go over all my lists to make sure I will have everything packed up because if I forget something, I’m just plain out of luck. I haven’t even started thinking about our Cabo trip next week. I figured I will make sure I have all the necessities for Avery on Monday. In the meantime, I sure hope it doesn’t rain like it is forecasted to on Saturday :(. Her party is supposed to be outside. I know they need the rain though very badly. It would just be nice if the rain worked around Avery’s birthday 🙂

Here’s a photo I took of my flower arrangement. I love tulips! They make me so happy.
DSC_0011 (2)

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Love This Face

My Little Mogli (jungle book):
She LOVES getting her toofies brushed:
Give me it, Give me THAT toothbrush:

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What a wonderful weekend we had! Granted the weather was a bit crazy, Easter weekend was wonderful. We ate so much! Friday we had king crab and shrimp and then Saturday, Dad barbecued pork ribs and chicken. Yum! Yum! Saturday, we did our Easter egg hunt in the living room because it was so windy and cold outside. Ha! Avery liked it. She’s at that age where everything is fun, especially opening the Easter eggs to find yummy Graduates and Yogury Puffs 🙂 Nana and Papa got her the cutest red wagon, too! That Easter bunny sure was nice this year as well. On Sunday morning, we went to Easter mass and it was so packed, we ended up sitting up stairs. Avery had on her pretty Easter dress that we took Easter pictures with. On the way out of church, it started to pour so Dawn and I waited with Avery while the guys went to get the car to bring it clower. While waiting, I had Avery on my hip and all of a sudden, it felt very warm on my side. I had white pants on! I asked Dawn to see if what I suspected was true. Sure enough, she peed all over me. Good thing church was over! I don’t know how that happened since she had a diaper on. I thought it was funny. We did another Easter egg hunt outside once back at the farm because the sun had come out. It turned out to be a gorgeous day! In fact, it turned out so beautiful that when we got to Houston, we took Avery in her wagon to the Lacrosse field at Rice U. and had a picnic. It was such an awesome day.

Scott says this is his little NASCAR driver saying put the pedal to the metal (boogies and all!). LOL!:
DSC_0028 (3)
DSC_0051 (3)
My sisters:
DSC_0059 (2)
All of us sisters:
DSC_0061 (2)
Papa pulling Avery:
DSC_0069 (2)
DSC_0079 (2)
DSC_0103 (2)
Aunt Hill giving Avery a FAST ride:
DSC_0111 (2)
Opening her Easter egg:
DSC_0180 (2)
Love this:
DSC_0194 (2)
Too Cute for Words:
DSC_0196 (2)
Take Me With You:
DSC_0198 (2)
Avery checking out her Great Grandma:
DSC_0209 (2)
Making Deviled Eggs:
Results of Our Tradition of Decorating Eggs:
Right before Easter Mass:
She has spotted the camera and is running to get it:
Mom told Scott Avery needed a friend to ride with her hinting at a sister or brother so Scott decided he would be that friend 🙂 :
Big Girl Pulling the Wagon:

One of my favorite “photography” pictures:
Back in Houston on our Picnic on Easter Sunday:
She pushed this wagon all over the place:
My Baby:

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Happy Easter!

We are headed to Shiner this morning for a long weekend with my family for the Easter holiday. I look forward to Avery’s first Easter and hopefully the weather will be nice. We thank God for all of the blessings that we have and all the JOY in our lives. Keeping it short and sweet, thank you for this life, our health, our baby girl, and our family and friends!

What’s Avery doing now?
Little Miss Avery Grace is so funny! She absolutely loves talking on the phone. It goes something like this… A: (puts phone to ear or over her shoulder) “ewooo (hello), abda dad ma ba abadada” So cute! She signs “milk” and says “ma” and is very consistent about it. If she’s thirsty, she starts signing with both hands. She signs “more” and says “mo”. She’s very good at her “more” sign. She loves to use it with Daddy because he’s a sucker when it comes to saying no to Avery. Apparently, he’s been feeding her table food when I’m not around and she tells him “more” and cuddles up to him. How could you say no to that?!? She signs “eat” and signs “finished”. She knows where her belly button is and where our belly buttons are. She loves to find hers by lifting her shirt. Avery walks like a pro and is now climbing on things. Yikes! Her hair is growing. Yay! She says “bo” for book and if you ask her where her book is, she’ll get it for you. She’s graduated to her new forward facing carseat. Today will be our first time to use it 🙂 Lots of changes! I’m sure I’m forgetting many. We love you Avery and look forward to lots of new things. It’s all very exciting for Mommy and Daddy.


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