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Need More Time In A Day

Sometimes it seems there isn’t enough time in the day. I have neglected to post anything on the blog for a while because I have been overwhelmed with work. Honestly, I’m feeling quite stressed with the combination of doing the design of our new home and launching a new company. I’ve done both before several times but never at the same time while also being a mom. Each is a full time job. I’ve been working until midnight most nights for the last few weeks. There’s still so much to do. I’m exhausted! I need more time in my days. I will be so relieved when the house is done and my newest venture is more established. I’m looking forward to it! I know everyone feels like this at some point or another.

On another note, here are some cute pictures of Avery’s from Nana and Papa’s house:


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We had a lovely Valentine’s weekend.  Mom and Dad came up on Friday to stay with us and offered to stay with Avery so we could go on a date and that’s what we did.    It was spur of the moment and were very lucky to get in to a fabulous restaurant called Mockingbird Bistro without a wait!   I still can’t believe it.  

Saturday morning, Dad helped us reorganize our storage unit while Mom watched Avery.   We have now expanded to two storage units for home materials.   I figured the added expense was well worth it rather than delaying the build out waiting for materials that have long lead times.   It was freezing cold and I don’t do cold very well so I wasn’t much help.   After that, we all drove to the (town deleted) and met Matt and Dawn for lunch at PotBelly and walked the house to make sure everything is going in the right direction.   So far so good.   Dawn and Matt are also planning on moving so we then went to Montgomery to look at a few historic homes they really like.   It’s such a cute little town!   That was followed by a trip to Central Market (my favorite place) and some rest.  

 For Valentine’s Day, we kept it low key by driving around looking at houses and going to the park.   The weather was perfect (until the cold blew in at around 6pm) so we made sure to enjoy it!

This is the card we sent out this year:

Flashback Last Year 2009 (I sent one out personalized to all family):
Avery Valentine's Day Card-mommy

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I love this song posted below!   It’s such an emotional song for me.  It makes me think about how TRULY BLESSED I am.  

This is Avie and I right before her favorite time of day…bathtime!

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This past weekend, we were quite busy! We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday Friday, then went to Shiner for Amy and Adam’s wedding and came back to Houston in time for Scott to clean out the garage and to watch the Superbowl at Mariam’s house. We had lots of fun but the weekend sure did seem short.
family photo 2010
Our Little Princess Sitting Pretty:
Sitting Pretty
Daddy and Avie

Pretty Girly
Using Dawn’s dress as a bed (someone was pooped out):
Dancing to the Music:
Always munching on something:

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These were taken before she went to school this morning:
DSC_0123 -a

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Girls Night Out

This evening, it was just us two gals so I took Avery to the mall for a little shopping and then we went to Rainforest Cafe. She was so funny! As soon as we walked in she saw the monkeys and elephants and was shouting “Monkey! Ewephant! Monkey!” We had such a great time. I was also able to find her cute little shoes for Amy and Adam’s wedding so it was an all around success. Pics to come!

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Last weekend, we went out to check on the progress of our home. It was freezing but we took some snapshots for memories. They are making some progress and are having to move fast because we got so far behind with all the rain over the winter. September is our goal!

From this picture, it looks like we are building out in the woods. Hillary even asked, concerned about it. “Are ya’ll going to keep all these trees?” Our community is very strict about taking down trees (and rightfully so) and everything has to be pre-approved. That wooded area can’t be touched until the landscape plans are approved but when it is done, most will be gone. We also have to submit the floorplans and all design elements to the board for approval as well.

A Home In The Making:

I’d like to name our home but I’m not sure what to name it. I’ve come up with a few ideas besides Villa del Hibner’s.
Another that I was thinking is “Villa Dei Boschi” which means “Home/Villa of the Woodlands” which is a great representation; It seems kind of funny to name a home but I kind of like it. It adds a personal touch and a little more meaning to the home.

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