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This is my favorite time of the year over all other seasons. Perhaps it is because of the weather or that I really love how it appeals to the senses (especially the smell of Fall, the changing colors of leaves, the warmth of the indoors, etc.) Now that we are finally home, I’m embracing the chance to make our home hug us with “Fall” when we walk in.

I’ve made a few subtle changes from our last kitchen but it is otherwise very much the same. Besides the change in island color, we did a few other minor things. The one thing we did add are some cool cabinet features that I found on Pinterest like the cutting board that drops straight to the trash can and built-in utensil/drawer organizers.

Love fall!


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It’s been an exhausting past two to three months but we have made it!  It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get here (literally).   Keeping it real…    Dreams don’t always come easy but it is so worth the sacrifices and hard work in the end.   Our journey has been filled with chaos and adventures these last few months and the girls have just rolled with all of it as if the chaos never even existed.  We moved in to a temporary “vacation” home for three weeks from our other temporary home while our permanent home was being finished and last Monday we finally got to move to our FOREVER home.  It’s similar to our last home in a lot of ways though I did make lots of tweaks.   We are really loving being here!  There is nothing like being home with your family.   As for layout and decor, some rooms are 100% different and some are 100% the same and some are just a little different.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll share more pictures as the rooms start to come together.  I have unpacked the entire house with the exception of all the wall and shelf decor.   My creative mind doesn’t work until things are organized.   So basically, unpack, organize, and then decorate.   I have the first two done but decorating is in progress.  Also,  painters are still here working on making everything perfect.   I’m looking forward to having the home to ourselves hopefully by this weekend.   We also finally got our stair treads finished on Monday because we did a special tread to match our reclaimed floors.  That was a mess.  Thank goodness it’s done.

On another note, this past Monday was my Dad’s birthday, two weeks ago was Matt’s birthday, Dawn and Matt have anniversary this weekend, and Scott has birthday this Saturday.

Our formal living and dining areas (not decorated obviously as you can see all the boxes of decor over in the back corner):
DSC_0494 copy

I chose a different floor this time. I loved our walnut but it was just too soft so we decided to go with a reclaimed, distressed floor. The floor has lots of texture and an oil, matte finish that is supposed to be much better than stain and poly for long-term wear:
Wanted to show my pumkins I picked up yesterday at Whole Foods. I will show a better view of the house when we get our awnings installed and our large globe boxwoods that will hopefully come in soon that we had to special order:
DSC_0501-copy copy

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The design process for me this time around is so much more fun since most of the details are already thought out. I do have a dilemma though right now. I’ve been looking at different ranges because DCS changed the look on me from our last style. The last range we had was the DCS 48″ Gas Range by Fisher Paykel and I absolutely loved it. We had a Viking before that and I didn’t like how hard it was to clean under the burners and how it leaked gas when baking (our whole home smelled like gas) but the DCS was an A+ on both of these and performed perfectly while looking pretty. The new design that DCS has come out with isn’t my taste so I’m looking for either an old model or alternatives.

I love this La Cornue Stainless Cornufe:

Pinned Image

The LaCanche:


My Old Standby (the old DCS Range that I had and loved but has to be found from a dealer who has the old design).  Though it isn’t quite as fancy as the two ranges above, it’s spot on in cooking/function and I like the clean design so it’s a safe option:

DCS Ranges 48-Inch Propane Gas Range With Griddle

What to do?   I’m stuck!

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Home Build: Framing Stage

Home building, as anyone will tell you, requires a great deal of patience and a lot of work. I don’t have much patience when it comes to things like this but I certainly don’t mind the work part. I wish it was done already ;)!

I met with our landscape architect yesterday to share more of my vision and drawings and was happy to see the framers have half our home framed so things are moving. (Unfortunately and fortunately, we caught two boo-boo’s by our architect that are major so we are trying to get those fixed.) Our roof is coming in from Spain so I worry it will not be here when they are finished framing but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My window guy (aka my husband) dropped it on me yesterday that because I chose a custom color it’s going to take an extra week for those to arrive as well. Argh! On the bright side, I’m so happy we are making progress.

This picture is a view of how we had to cut our lot to get the flat yard I wanted. We have a large number of huge limestone boulders behind that big pile of dirt that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I’d love to use them but my landscape plan is more formal and clean so not sure yet if we’ll be using them. We are considering making a play pad area in the back right of the wall on top of the hill. It would be well-hidden and not take up space in our immediate yard. The wall will run parallel with the left side of our home and I’m excited to see what it will look like after being landscaped.
This is what working at the “job site” (which is what we call it) looks like.

P.S. I probably shouldn’t have worn my pink sequined Elaine Turner flats out to a muddy job site. I took one step in what looked like hard ground and sunk 5 inches (not kidding) into the limestone mud which turns to a cement like material when dry. Nice! I guess I should have worn rubber boots since it has rained quite a bit this past week.

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Architecture Wrap Up

We are moving on to a new phase as we start wrapping up the architecture of our new home. We had to make some changes due to the elevation and slopes of our lot and we are really happy with the new design. My goal was to keep the look and feel of our last home but add some details to give it more of a symmetrical feel. I love symmetry and oversized windows and doors. Scott likes when I’m happy so that worked out well! The lot lent itself nicely for steps going up to a semi-enclosed courtyard. Scott loves courtyards and I like open so it is a great marriage of the two. Like last time, everything has to be submitted before a design committee and I’m glad to be moving past this first stage.


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Our Old Home vs. New Home

I’ve had so many readers ask to see the front of our old home. I’ve been very nervous about it but decided what the heck….maybe it will provide inspiration to some, maybe it will not. We put so much work into this home so now I will enjoy it from afar until next time.

As for the new build, we are hoping to start very soon! I will try to log the process here as we go along throughout the year. I’m very excited to see what the final design is going to look like. We met with our designers on Monday to walk the lot and go over all the details, etc.

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One of our favorite appetizers at home is slices of smoked Cheddar, Braeburn or Fuji Apples, and Crackerthins. It’s Heaven in your mouth!!! Tonight, I decided to share a cheese I found that I absolutely love called Chef’s Prepared King Ludwig Golden Smoked Cheese along with sliced apple and wafer crackers which we enjoyed with a new favorite buttery Chardonnay. Yummy!

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