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Lovey Came To Town

I certainly have some catching up to do!   The weekend before last, Lovey came to town to help me with the girls while Scott was out of town.    It was so nice to have Lovey come help me.   When he is gone for a few days out of the week, my balance completely goes out of whack.   Scott really does help me a lot with the girls and we do a lot of things together so doing things on my own can be quite exhausting.   I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

The girls had a great time with Lovey and I’m glad she came because we don’t get to see her very often.    She got to see Livy hone her walking skills and make all her funny little words.   Lovey brought a little ballerina figurine for Avery and she broke it within two minutes, much like the Cinderella ornament my mom bought Avery and broke shortly after.   I’m like Miss Fix It with all my handy glues (Liquid Nail, Gorilla glue, and Hot glue).    Unfortunately, most of these things I fix often get broken over and over again.

While Lovey was here, we did a little shopping at Hancock Fabric’s and another fabric store in town that had higher-end fabrics.   She likes to sew!   I used to love to embroider pillows and sew doll clothes when I was a little girl.  I can remember my grandmother teaching me different techniques and my Aunt Delores taught me how to sew on a machine.   I actually find I really miss it.   I miss being creative.  When I force myself (and I say force because it’s easy after a days work to just sit on the couch and watch the Housewives after the girls have gone to bed) to be creative, I feel so much more balanced, fulfilled, and proud of myself!   I decided that for Olivia’s first birthday, I’m going to do something extra special for her and make her a handmade birthday gift.   With an older sister, Livy gets  a lot of hand-me-down clothes and toys and lucky for her, she doesn’t know any differently.    I started researching through Pinterest and online and found a great idea….something hopefully that she will possibly be able to give to her children one day that will be extra special because Mommy made it!



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Being that I’m a bit behind, I want to post some pictures from our eventful December. One weekend, we got together with a large group of our friends and went to the annual Lights in the Heights. It was awesome! There were blocks and blocks of houses decorated over the top and some had bands playing while others had dancers performing, etc. There were lots of people enjoying the festivities…what a blast!

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Little Miss Personality

We take a ton of photos of Avery that don’t make it onto the blog and some of them are really great. I’ve been able to catch her lately with some great expressions. She’s really starting to understand humor and her personality is really coming out.
Eating a cupcake…or at least the icing!:
Borrowing Daddy’s shoes:
Wearing Mommy’s hat:

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Our Little Beethoven

My mom (Lovey) ordered her a little piano for her trip but unfortunately UPS didn’t deliver it before she left. This is Avery’s first time playing and she really enjoys tickling the ivories.

DSC_0001, originally uploaded by smhibner.

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Bed Head

Check out the bed head. I couldn’t get her hair to stay down. She’s eating breakfast and someone is waiting behind her for a snack. Bentley is like the doggie vacuum cleaner. I rarely have to wipe up food from under Avery because Bentley will clean it all up for me. Ha!

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Avery’s Tent

Last week, I set up Avery’s tent in our bedroom, layed about 15 blankets on the bottom and tossed in several pillows and made her a little house. I remember as a little girl how much I loved building my own little house. Avery absolutely loves her “little house.” She literally dives in like a belly flop and squeals, giggles, and belly laughs because she gets filled with so much joy from her comfy tent. In the pictures below, she was tossing new Target shoes back and forth around her with wild abandon (still tied together with elastic string) and was also charming her Daddy to swing her around (which I have on video….she thought it was so funny!)

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Squeaky, Squeaky!

DSC_0088, originally uploaded by smhibner.

Avery wore her squeaky shoes for the first time on Sunday. She thought they were the best thing ever. It was so funny how she would just stomp, stomp, stomp just to make them squeak more. What a cutie pie! When we first put them on her, she ran around non-stop.

Lovey gave her these shoes and we took this video for Lovey. Avery doesn’t get to see Lovey very often because she lives so far away.

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