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What a Blessing!

Scott and I are constantly reminding each other of how special our lives are!  We are unbelievably blessed.  Avery has been such a good baby.  She loves her naps and really has settled into her own schedule napping from 9am-11am and then 1pm-3pm, sometimes longer and then a short evening nap and down to bed around 7ish.  She then will sleep up to 8 1/2 hours and wakes for a feeding and is back to sleep until around 6:30am.  She loves to coo and smile.  She is easily satisfied and is such an observer.  She will turn her head around as much as her neck allows to watch her daddy or me walk across the room.  She tracks us all over.   She is incredibly strong and has no issues with holding her head up on her own.   She holds her weight when held up in standing position and loves to act like she is walking as daddy supports her.  At only 2 months, we know we are going to really keep our eye on her at all times.  She is 12lbs and 23 1/2 inches which means she has gained 4lbs and grown 4 inches in the last 2 months.   Everyday is an adventure!  Every morning when I wake up, I can’t wait to see her face. 


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Play Date

Avery’s had a busy week.  We got back from New Mexico and then went to College Station to go get Bentley.  Dawn was generous and kept her while we were away.  I went ahead and took Avery along since she loves riding in the car so much.  We got to spend some time with Aunt Hill, Chase, and Matt. Dawn was doing wedding stuff in Austin.  We also had our first play date this week with Phoebe’s twin babies, Phoebe and George, whom are 4 weeks old.  They are so precious and it was so wonderful to see them.  Avery is going to love playing with them! 

Hillary loves her niece:

Avery and Phoebe hanging out!  George was sleeping.

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Last week we packed up for a VERY last minute trip to Albuquerque, NM to go see Scott’s grandfather.  He is 93 and was not doing well at all so everyone came from all over to see him.  We are fortunate that he turned around and was doing much better when we arrived.  Avery rode on the airplane for the very first time.  She enjoyed first class seating with her daddy while they left me in the back of the bus to freeze ;).  This was the first time Scott’s family got to see Avery.  She was so wonderful the entire trip.  We decided to make a trip out of it and drove up to Scott’s dad’s place near Colorado.  Scott got to do lots of fishing and we enjoyed Amy’s amazing cooking.  We had a great trip!  Avery is loving the traveling.  She slept on both plane rides and for the 3 hour car ride, she just hung out. 

Avery’s first plane ride:

Grandpa Hibner enjoying his great-grandaughter:

Aunt Jennifer making Avery laugh:

Colten was playing with Avery and keeping her happy:

Papa Tractor (Scott’s dad) and Avery:

Amy getting some Avery time:

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This past week has been both fun and a bit bittersweet!  We started out our trip on Wednesday and stopped on the outside of Houston at a Jack in the Box for lunch.  Scott not only got his Tahoe crunched by a guy backing up his trailer, but he also got a terrible case of food poisoning from JIB.  Too bad we stopped there!  He’s still recovering today.  Aside from that, we still had a great time…well, Scott didn’t so much.  Avery certainly loved it.  She spent the entire time being held by family and friends.  By Father’s Day, Scott was feeling better and got to really enjoy his special first Father’s Day with Avery.  He adores her so much! 

Check out that Hook ‘Em Horns!

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Smiley Girl

Our little girl loves to smile with her whole face. It’s so hard to capture with a picture and really hard to capture on cue with a video camera but we do have some great smile footage. She smiles with her eyes and her mouth and then throws her head back like she is going to laugh so hard and continues to do this. Then she purses her lips and makes the cutest little face saying “oooooo”. What a doll!  Too bad I haven’t been able to capture it yet.  However, here are some really cute videos:

Avery & Aunt Hillary:

 Just hanging out:

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This is by far the longest we have gone without traveling since we have met (well, Scott’s business doesn’t count) and boy am I having travel withdrawals. We booked a vacation for Puerto Vallarta for late this summer and I dream that it was here now! Avery’s still too little so of course, we won’t take her on a plane yet. We LOVE traveling so much and hope Avery shares the same passion. She will be going along so we’ll find out 😉 how much she likes it soon enough. We’ll be driving to the Frio River next week for our annual trip with the gang. She’ll get to meet the whole crew for the first time.

Off topic:
Last night I was trying to get her to sleep and she absolutely did not want to close her eyes so I put her in her swing, cut off all the lights, and I watched the Avery Sonogram video with music and she finally started getting sleepy. I think she remembers the music from being in my tummy since I played it so much. I love to watch that video. She still looks so much like that and it just amazes me. I will never forget that feeling of when I first got to see her in that video and I think that’s what makes me like it SOOO much….just magical!

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