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Last weekend, we took our annual family trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, one of the cutest little historic towns in Texas full of really cute boutiques, wineries, and beautiful historic homes. To me, it is heaven!

I’m addicted to instagram and use my phone too much for photos:
Fredericksburg Fun!
Shoppers @fredericksburgtx
I knew this wouldn’t last very long with her super fine hair:
Getting ready to go shopping in Fredericksburg! Let's see how long this hair-do lasts.
Silly girls:


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Witch’s Broom

What a busy weekend! We had planned on having a lazy weekend at home but with the beautiful weather and a rush of energy, we actually packed a lot in. I don’t know why but days that I plan on being lazy days often turn out to be the complete opposite. Our weekend was filled with trips to our favorite Eat Park per Avery, “aka: Central Market”, trying some new recipes like seafood stew, crafting (making kitty cat masks), lots of decorating of shelves which included unpacking loads and loads of books, and trips to random stores to pick up some styling details for my craft room/office space.

We made this (pretzel stick, mozzarella cheese, and chive or celery string:

Witch's Broom Treats

*idea was taken from Pinterest

My first time making seafood stew (Iphone pic isn’t so great with dimmed lighting):

My first time making seafood cioppino stew!

My precious little Livy at Eat Park ;).

Eat park!!

My monkey posing for a photo opp:

Such a monkey!

Poor Livy is sick today! 😦 I really hope she is feeling better tomorrow. I just want to take all her pain away.

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Picnic at the Pond

The weather was gorgeous here yesterday so after we picked up the girls from school, we went on a picnic at our nearby fishing pond. It was very impromptu but the girls had such a good time.

One of the reasons we fell in love with where we live now is the natural beauty that surrounds us. It was important for us to feel like we were in the country. We love being outdoors and truly appreciate the rolling hill country views and the feeling that we live far out in the “Hill Country” (what Texans call it) yet are five minutes from all the stores we like to go to.

Enjoying the gorgeous weather at our fishing pond.

Picnic Time (she loves food!)
Picnic time!

I could eat her up! And don’t mind my messy hair. I’ll get to it one day 😉
Oh, how I love this kid!

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The past few months have been pretty hectic! We have both girls at home for the summer and Adrienne has certainly had her hands full. In between working and trying to wrap up the final stages of building our home, we have spent a lot of time having fun playing. Olivia and Avery are both growing so fast. Olivia has changed so much over the summer. She is talking up a storm and her favorite thing to do is dance. She reminds me of those Gumby’s at the car lots that you see blowing in the wind because her moves are so fluid and natural. She surely doesn’t get that from me! She says “I Love You” which is the best thing ever and it comes out like one word. So funny! Avery on the other hand is like a little mommy. She dotes on Livy all the time and they play so pretty together right now….MOST of the time ;). I’m so glad they have had the opportunity to be together this summer. They have bonded so much. In less than 30 days, both of them will be going to a new private school full-time which is a big step for Olivia. It’s been wonderful having them at home but I know they will have so much fun at school. I’m excited for them! That also means that we are 30 days from moving from our temporary home into our new Forever Home! We have lots going on closing out the summer of 2012.

Dawn and Lyla came to visit:
Livy is really kicking back and Lyla doesn’t like it so she is sitting forward:
Sunday lunch at Lupe Tortilla’s and Livy wasn’t having any of the picture taking (but I couldn’t resist):
Too funny!   Outside of Lupe Tortilla's Austin.  Livy wanted to eat, not take pictures.
Love this face:
Such a ham!
First pig tails (blurry because taken with phone):
First pig tails
Spending a weekend afternoon at Zilker park:
Riding the Zilker train:
She looks a little hot:
Mess maker:
she found Bentley’s bed and decided she wanted to sit in it, too!

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Summer Haircut

Avery loves getting her hair cut so I took her to get a new look. We went for a shorty girly bob. I just love it on her and she loves it, too. She actually lets me fix her hair now. Livy on the other hand still has a ways to go before she will be due for a cut. Her hair is growing though and it will not be long before we can put some pig tails in her hair.

new haircut 2

Having lunch at Nordstrom’s Bistro right after her hair was styled. We had a Friday afternoon date. She is such a funny girl. She was so appreciative for her hair cut and having so much fun with it. 🙂
new haircut - 4 yrs

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Austin Zoo

A few weeks ago we took the girls to the Austin Zoo. It actually reminds me of the movie “We Bought A Zoo”. It’s really a wildlife sanctuary and though it was hot, they both loved it. I think the best part was the lions though Avery fell in love with the tortoise and wanted to stay and watch it all afternoon. She also really enjoyed feeding the goats. Livy on the other hand was just pointing at everything and being her laid back self. At the time, every animal was a dog or a “moo” for cow (since I’m a few weeks behind). We also took the girls on the train which was a treat to get some air flowing on a hot summer day.

On our way for a day of fun including the new Trudy’s in Dripping Springs and the zoo:
Mr. Tortoise was digging a hole:

“It’s too sunny, Mom!”

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Avery loves everything that has to do with ballet! This was her first recital and Nana and Papa came to watch as well. It was in a huge auditorium so I worried she might freeze up but she actually did her routine and it was the most precious thing ever.
Waiting backstage for 2.5 hours until it was her groups turn:
DSC_0001 (2)

I can’t believe her hair held the curls:

Avery sang the song and did her dance:

I will always remember her 1st recital! What a fun day 🙂

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