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Scott took these some time this past month and I think they are too cute.   The progression of emotions captured in just a few minutes is priceless!

Apparently, she preferred the cap backwards!
Oh, maybe it isn’t so bad, afterall.
Ope, I think she doesn’t like it backwards now!


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10 Month Birthday

Avery turned 10 months on Saturday! It’s bittersweet for me. I know that’s silly of me, but I want so desperately to hang on to her baby days and remember every little moment of it from the way she laughs to the way she cries. Avery has such a bright, vibrant personality. She smiles at everyone whether at the grocery store or walking at the park. We attract lots of visitors who love to come tell her how beautiful she is and how friendly she is. No matter where we go, she has a warm welcome for everyone!
My favorite Avery things right now:
-her sweet little voice when she babbles
-her sweet little voice when she is upset (she says “wo wo wo” and you just can’t help but laugh)
-the biggest toofy smile
-being able to stand up unsupported and clapping her hands
-pretending to talk on her phone in long strings of jargon while playing independently (love it!)


I got the bow to clip on one hair!

Playing in her room:

My little burrito:

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A Child’s Blessing

Scott and I have both always wanted children.   How many is up for debate 🙂   We decided early on that children were really important to us, and Avery has been everything we expected and more.  She has brought so much joy and love to our lives.   We often discuss having another child and when is the right time.   I’ve always thought that two children would be awesome, but ever since my grad school days when I worked with children who were adopted from other countries, I decided it was something I really wanted to do one day.   Scott and I both have talked about it and it is something I would really like to do someday down the road, whether it be soon or perhaps later when we are a bit older.  We are very fortunate and being able to offer unconditional love and a better life for a child would be wonderful.  I was just on another blog (I like to blog surf) and was reading the story of a family who is not able to have their own child.   They have decided to adopt a baby from South Korea which is super expensive.   To read about their journey and help them fulfill their dream of having a child, visit here.

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This past weekend was quite an interesting weekend for our family because it was not only Avery’s first Vday, but it was the first time she has been truly sick with a fever.  We sent Dee home last Wednesday because she was not feeling well and ended up having walking pneumonia.  On Friday, Avery had a fever and just wasn’t herself.  She never fusses and everything was causing her to cry.  We loaded up and headed to Shiner anyway to spend time with Nana, Papa, Aunties, and Uncle Matt, Great Grandmas.  By Saturday, Scott was falling prey to illness as well.   We called A’s pedi and he called her in some antibiotics to the nearest Wal-mart in case of an ear infection.  Sunday and Monday night were both rough nights for her and I.  She can’t sleep because she can’t breathe.  Last night she was inconsolable!  I tried everything; we ended up taking two baths last night because that was the only thing that soothed her.    That on top of a sick Scott has been very overwhelming and exhausting for me!    It’s now Tuesday and Dee, Avery, and Scott are all still sick.   I just got back from Avery’s doctor appointment and we are increasing her antibiotic intake for ear infection.  Her cough is what worries me because he didn’t prescribe anything for it.   I feel so badly for her.  She also has two more teeth that are trying to break through.   I have been lucky that I haven’t gotten sick yet.  However, a very odd raised blotchy rash has appeared on face this morning.  It looks like hives, but it’s only on one side of my face.  Odd!  I don’t know what to think of it.    Maybe some sleep would cure it! 

Love this picture:

Harley loved the fluffy animal so as he ran around with it, the balloon tied to it followed (lol):
In her shoes:

Great Grandma came to visit:

What was so funny?


Playing Patty Cake with Nana:
Helping out in the kitchen:

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Beach Ready!

Scott and I have been planning a family trip and looking at when and where to go for the last month.   When taking Avery out of the country, special planning is needed to ensure that we all have a great time and are safe.  We have decided on going to Cabo because we absolutely love it there, are very familiar with it and is a nice short flight.  Dee will be coming along as well so we applied for her passport in January and hopefully it will arrive in time. 

Last week, while shopping for Valentine’s Day, I found some really cutesie things for Avery’s trip to get her beach ready.  We aren’t going until April but I have so much going on in April with our Anniversary, Easter, her birthday and then the trip that I have to start now.  Not to mention, who really needs an excuse to buy cute little outfits and swimsuits that look like doll clothes!  Bering’s and Gymboree had these precious little swimsuits and cover ups that I purchased and Janie and Jack had the sweetest Jackie O sunglasses.  Who says babies can’t have fashionable shades like these shades?   You can find the Janie and Jack sunglasses here for $12.

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These are the Valentine’s Day cards I made with Photoshop and had printed to send out to grandma’s/grandpa’s and aunts and uncles.    Our precious little one isn’t feeling well today.  She has a fever this morning of 100.7 😦   This is the first time that I know of that she’s run a fever.   I am hoping she feels better this afternoon!

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This past week has been a huge week for Avery.   It seems she is learning something new everyday so I have to log it all before I forget.   This past week, Avery has consistently started saying me-me and simultaneously signing milk when she is thirsty.   She does patty cake independently when we do patty cake.  She really loves to clap!   She has started to realize that doing the “bobblehead baby” as seen in the dancy video is funny to us and gets her lots of attention so she is doing it a lot more now.   Saturday, Scott was playing with her and saying [quow quow quow] but really far back in his throat so it is more of a rough, scratch sound almost in your throat and it was so cute to see her try to figure it out.  She started out saying it in the front of her mouth and playing with her voice, but to my amazement she actually figured it out!   I can’t even make that sound.   I almost fell out of my chair when she did it.  I still don’t know how she figured it out.   She did it again yesterday morning.  I’m astonished!    She is really babbling a lot these days.   As I sit here typing this in my office, I can hear her upstairs babbling to Nene as if she understands what she is saying.  Too funny!  Yesterday while at Nordstrom’s, Scott said that she stood for 30 seconds without holding on to anything, and then when she realized that she was standing by herself for so long, she scared herself and started crying because she didn’t know what to do.  Too bad I missed that 😦     This morning,  she fed herself with a spoon and actually got the food in her mouth.  Nene put the spoon in her hand and Avery put it in her mouth like she had been doing it forever.   I think she might have had some practice. 

Here are more pictures from January:

Check out those toofies (and her pants are now capris because it seems she grew like 3″ in Jan.):
The weekend Nana & Tante’s (aunt in German) came up and we went to Galveston:
Strike a pose:
This face melts my heart:
Hilarious! After lunch at Raven Grill, Mom was holding a candy between her teeth and A was trying to taste:
Working at Scott’s office:
Basking in the Sun:
Daddy’s Girl:
DSC_0023 (2)
DSC_0015 (2)
DSC_0032 (2)
DSC_0066 (2)
This makes me laugh because this is the smiley face we see when we come in her room:
DSC_0074 (2)
Sleeping Angel:
DSC_0100 (2)
I think this one if funny despite my darn hair:

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