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Baby Nursery Update

Avery’s room is coming along!  We had the contractors come less than two weeks ago and they finished in about 4 days total.    For those of you who haven’t read all of the posts, we converted one of our Master closets into her nursery so she could be close to us.  We chose a pretty green color for the walls and the trim is white.    I really like the way it turned out and am very excited because now we can start decorating.   A few weeks ago we ordered her bed, and it’s very cool in that it will grow with her.  They grow up so fast so we thought it was a smart choice. 

Caroline Crib

 Hillary and I went to Pottery Barn Kids on Sunday and spent quite a bit of time there.   They have so many cute things and I was able to get some great ideas as well.  I am going to wait to post pictures of the nursery when it is completed with everything in it. 


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BabyMoon in Hawaii

Scott and I just got back from our vacation in Hawaii.  We decided to experience the Big Island, Hawaii and arrived last Friday.  Our first day was a little trying as we were delayed in Houston for two hours due to mechanical issues and then ended up being too late for our booked flight from Honolulu to Kona.  However, once we finally arrived at Kona, the rest of the trip was amazing!   Hawaii is truly a dream.  Unless you have been there, you cannot explain the natural beauty of the islands.  From the smells to the dramatic landscapes, Hawaii is truly gorgeous, especially Maui (our personal favorite).    The Big Island is unique in that it is rich in history and believe it or not, has 11 of the 15 climates.  Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on the island and it has snow where people can snowboard and ski.   Hilo is surrounded by lush vegetation and gets rain very often.  Past Hilo is the active volcano.   Kona is on the other side of the island and is surrounded by tons of volcanic rock and is more desert-like. 

 We flew into Kona and drove 20 miles to our resort, The Fairmont Orchid, where we stayed the entire trip.   On one of the days, we spent the entire day driving around the whole island.  We experienced many different temperatures, walked on the black sand beach,  visited the World Gardens, drove through the Volcano National Park, and did some snorkeling.   Next time we travel for fun, it will be with Avery.  We found that many couples are traveling with babies now so we are really looking forward to traveling with her. 

We took hundreds of pictures!  Here are a few as thumbnails.  Simply click on them for larger sizes.

The pictures are below are while on the Fairmont property.  The bay at the far left was excellent for snorkeling.

Hawaii 08 2Hawaii 08 8Hawaii 08 7

Vast landscape from volcanic rock to lush rainforests to snow-capped mountains:

Hawaii 08 12Hawaii 08 5Hawaii 08 9

Hawaii 08 10Hawaii 08 4Hawaii 08 3

The first fishy was very curious and always coming right up to us.  The Honu or green sea turtle are protected and endangered.  We saw quite a few of them, including on the beach at the Fairmont.  We enjoyed the sunset while at dinner in Kona.

Hawaii 08 13Hawaii 08 1Hawaii 08 11

Hawaii 08 6

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My Top Picks

Now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant, I have been spending a little more time thinking about what we need for Avery’s arrival.  I’ve been getting some really great feedback from all of my Mommy friends on necessities that I will need.  It’s so hard to really be prepared for all the little details since this is our first baby.   There really is no book or list that can give you recommendations so I truly appreciate the help! 

I’ve also found a few things of my own that I love which are necessities with a little splurge.   Though I love to shop at Target, I also love beautiful fashion! 

This Mia Bossi bag is so yummy.  I’m going to order this one:

Mia Bossi Bag

I can use this bag for a diaper bag and for traveling. 

Several Mommies have recommended Peg Perego for a stroller and their 2008 collection features a convertible option that goes from Pram to Stroller which seems very practicle.   I love Prams but babies grow so fast so I think this would be the perfect option.  It’s the new Skate by Peg Perego.  It goes from Pram to Stroller and everything in between.  We decided to go with Red! 

Peg Perego Stroller

Skate - Pram

I’ve also noticed quite a few people using car seat covers for their baby carriers/car seats.  There are some beautiful selections but I particularly like this one: http://www.dimplesanddandelions.com/product_details.asp?Product_ID=2847.   

Tomorrow, we are starting our renovations for Avery Grace’s room!   I love shopping for her but most of all, we both hope she is healthy and happy!  Those two things are simply priceless!!!!!   We are both looking forward to seeing her in the 3D/4D sonogram in February. 

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Okay, so I love sharing great books with all my friends.  I have to tell you that I loved this book.  I haven’t read the other Shopaholic books but I thought it would be a fun and light read while on vacation.  I found myself laughing out loud more than a handful of times!  I highly recommend “Shopaholic & Baby” if you need a fun read.   While I’m recommending books, another great book is “P.S. I love you!”  I read it before the movie came out and I haven’t watched the movie yet but I definitely recommend the book. 

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Avery’s New Clothes

Avery’s Aunt Jennifer in Abilene sent her these great outfits and a clip on blanket.  We can wait to see her in her pretty clothes.

img_0360-small.jpg      img_0362-small.jpg      img_0364-small.jpg

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Diaper Bag and Accessories

Shopping for Avery’s arrival is so much fun!  I’m a big fan of JP Lizzy’s Designs and I really love this diaper bag set:

Tote Bag

I also really love these storage boxes from Pottery Parn Kids for her nursery. I’ll definitely be getting some of these.

Canvas Storage

I’ve really only just started looking at all the cute options there are.  I think I’ll probably just add a little at a time over the next 14 weeks.  It’s more fun that way.  As soon as we get back from our BabyMoon to the Big Island in Hawaii, we will start remodeling her room.  I really look forward to our BabyMoon and we’ll make sure to take lots of pictures, especially so Avery can one day see what her Momma and Daddy were like when they were celebrating her soon to be arrival. 

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Planning the Nursery

It’s that time!  I’ve been searching up and down for nursery bedding.  There are so many options.  I really love pink and green and have found this website called JavisDavis.com that makes really pretty nursery bedding.  I picked out swatches that I love but now I have to figure out what combinations I want to use the fabrics in.  

The swatches are:

Nursery Swatches

There is also a very cute little boutique in The Village right down the road called Nest and Cot (www.nestandcot.com) and they have pretty nursery bedding as well.  Before I commit to the above fabrics, I’m going to go in there one more time to take a look.  This is the fun part! 

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