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Baby Shower for Toni

A couple of weekends ago, Becky, her mom, and I threw a shower for my close friend, Toni. She’s been my friend since grade school. I can even remember her coming over to my grandma’s house after school and playing outside or all the times we went to Halletsville dances or chased boys from that “other” town. She is expecting her first baby, a precious boy, this December. I’m so excited for her and Cody!

The inspiration for the shower was taken from hostessblog.com and we put a little spin on this Baby Shower Brunch. I’m obsessed with red and aqua right now and trying to figure out where I could possibly fit this color combo in my home…I’m thinking maybe in the craft room when I get tired of the chartreuse and aqua…

DSC_1226 edit
DSC_1210 edit


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Only a month behind! We packed up right after moving and went to the beach for a long weekend to enjoy ocean breezes and cool water to beat the heat. Avery and Livy love being outside, especially when it is at the beach. The water was quite clear (not normal for Texas beaches) so we took advantage and spent a lot of time in the water playing around.
Uncle Matt helping A build a sand castle and a moat:
Nana and Papa enjoying the girls:
I adore Lyla’s big smile in the picture:
Check out those chubs!
Avery’s facial expressions crack me up. Her eyes are very sun sensitive but she will not keep sunglasses on.
It was really windy so we had to make adjustments to this setup so our tent wouldn’t blow away!

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Our Old Home vs. New Home

I’ve had so many readers ask to see the front of our old home. I’ve been very nervous about it but decided what the heck….maybe it will provide inspiration to some, maybe it will not. We put so much work into this home so now I will enjoy it from afar until next time.

As for the new build, we are hoping to start very soon! I will try to log the process here as we go along throughout the year. I’m very excited to see what the final design is going to look like. We met with our designers on Monday to walk the lot and go over all the details, etc.

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We had our family over our last weekend at our old home and just had a great weekend filled with food, laughter, and babies.


We are really going to miss this special lady! Dee (or Nene as the kids call her) was such an important part of our children’s and our lives. We will always feel like she is a part of our family. She couldn’t come with us because her family needed her, but she will be dearly missed!

On that last weekend, we also went and had lunch at El Tiempo with our friends, Mariam, Elizabeth, and Brian, to say our goodbyes but for some reason, I didn’t take pictures of all of us. I guess once they arrived, I got distracted 😦

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7 Months Old

Olivia turned 7 months a few days ago! I just can’t get enough of this child. She smiles with her mouth open as far as it can go. She roars at us constantly. It is hilarious. If she is coming at you, she roars like a lion. If she wants something, she does it more. It’s so funny and sweet. Olivia wants to be everywhere her sister, Avery, is. If Avery is coloring, playing with computer, barbies, etc., you can be assured that Olivia is going to be crawling on Avery trying to see what she is doing. Avery doesn’t necessarily like this too much. I just love them at this age and I love watching how they interact.

What Olivia can do now:
-started crawling a couple of weeks ago
-she pulls up into standing position on everything
-she tries to stand up on her own by squatting and then standing up (she’s quite determined)
-she said “Mama” several times this past week babbling but you know I eat that up!
-she loves her rice cereal and we have moved her to orange foods now; we are taking our time getting her to solids this time; I’m pretty sure by this time, Avery was eating textures already. Olivia seems very content so no rush. However, she had her first Mum-Mum’s yesterday and loved them.
-Olivia is a whopper! She has thighs that I could eat up. I love her rolls.
-she still loves to be rocked to sleep; I am so thankful for this! I cherish that time with her resting peacefully in my arms.
We love bathtime!

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Fun News!

This past month has been a whirlwind…seriously!
We have MOVED to Austin! It’s been our dream to move here since we met seven years ago and each time we tried, we knew it wasn’t the right time because of work-related reasons. We finally got an amazing opportunity and decided that if we didn’t do it now, we never would because we wouldn’t want to move once the girls are in school. It wasn’t a hard decision to make, but it was very hard to leave our home behind. It is the only home I ever owned that I felt sad leaving. We sold our home extremely quickly and had to hurry to find a place to live in Austin so after numerous trips back and forth, we found a nice home to settle in for a year while we build our old home again. Yes, we are going to do it again…maybe we are crazy but this time, we don’t have a deadline, we know exactly what it’s going to look like and every detail that is going in it, and we have learned so much from the last time that we are hoping it will be much easier.

The girls seem settled and we feel at home in this town. We love Austin and can’t believe we are finally here. We have lots of adventures in store and are really excited!

Now if only I could catch up on everything else we’ve been up to….

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