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Our little bunny (see pictures of her in her bunny outfit) is learning all kinds of new things.  She has the cutest belly laugh.  Unfortunately, our pedi said that goes away shortly after 4 months and they never do that kind of laugh again.  She is learning to sit really well and can also stand unsupported.  She was able to stand unsupported at 3 months, but we try not to encourage it too much.  She is super strong!!  Avery has a smile for everyone.  She is all smiles and a very happy baby.  


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August has come and gone.  We packed it full of things to do and now we are left with just memories.  Oh, but they are wonderful ones.  From Dawn’s Showers to Puerto Vallarta, and Avery’s 4 month birthday on the 21st, we have had lots of highlights.  We even had a girl’s weekend this past Saturday which was so much fun!  Here are LOTS of pictures of Avery.  We had her doctor’s appointment on Monday and she is a whopper at 14lbs. 12 oz.  

Weekend at Home:

Intently Looking at Her Spots:

Dawn’s Shower in Dimebox:

Playdate at Phoebe’s with Baby Phoebe and Baby George:

Getting Ready for Bedtime after a day of Daddy and me:

Sister’s Night Out:

Dawn took us this past weekend to Bergamos spa and we proceeded to have a full day full of fun and shopping.  We then went to RA Sushi for dinner, followed by Fleming’s steakhouse for dessert and drinks, Belvedere’s and  our final stop was Europa.  What a blast!

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While in PV, we went to a Cuban bar and had a few cocktails.  There was this older man who clearly had too many drinks and saw our large group of ladies and thought he would try to engage one or two in a little dance.   He certainly was not giving up after each one looked at him like he was crazy.   E decided that she was going to go for it.  Check it out:

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Scott and I have been anxiously awaiting our PV vacation all summer and had planned on taking Avery, too.   The week before, we decided that it would be best not to take her along.  We had an amazing time and stayed at the Grand Velas Resort for 8 days.   It is a great family resort and the rooms and service were fabulous.   We played a little tennis, rode the jet skis, did some kayaking and boogie boarding, and lots of eating.  The last 6 days we were missing Avery so very much but luckily, Scott made me an Avery video to watch every day.  It was a wonderful time to rejuvenate.  However, never on vacation have I ever been so anxious to come home.  Thank you to Dawn, Matt, Hillary, Nana, and Papa for all  taking care of our baby girl.  We know she had a wonderful time!  

Oh, I should add that by complete chance, our friends took a trip to Puerto Vallarta as well and left on the exact same flight as we did.  We ended up going to dinner with them in town one night and then out on the town.  We will be posting a great video for you to view soon so check back.  Brian, you have to see it.  It’s hilarious and quite cute.  Click on any image to view larger photo.

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Dawn’s Bridal Shower

The last weekend of July, Hillary and I hosted a bridal shower for Dawn.  We are all so excited about the upcoming wedding on September 27th.  The day was lovely and Dawn (and Matt, too) was certainly showered with love, support, and gifts from all her friends and family. 

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