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It’s been an exhausting past two to three months but we have made it!  It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get here (literally).   Keeping it real…    Dreams don’t always come easy but it is so worth the sacrifices and hard work in the end.   Our journey has been filled with chaos and adventures these last few months and the girls have just rolled with all of it as if the chaos never even existed.  We moved in to a temporary “vacation” home for three weeks from our other temporary home while our permanent home was being finished and last Monday we finally got to move to our FOREVER home.  It’s similar to our last home in a lot of ways though I did make lots of tweaks.   We are really loving being here!  There is nothing like being home with your family.   As for layout and decor, some rooms are 100% different and some are 100% the same and some are just a little different.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll share more pictures as the rooms start to come together.  I have unpacked the entire house with the exception of all the wall and shelf decor.   My creative mind doesn’t work until things are organized.   So basically, unpack, organize, and then decorate.   I have the first two done but decorating is in progress.  Also,  painters are still here working on making everything perfect.   I’m looking forward to having the home to ourselves hopefully by this weekend.   We also finally got our stair treads finished on Monday because we did a special tread to match our reclaimed floors.  That was a mess.  Thank goodness it’s done.

On another note, this past Monday was my Dad’s birthday, two weeks ago was Matt’s birthday, Dawn and Matt have anniversary this weekend, and Scott has birthday this Saturday.

Our formal living and dining areas (not decorated obviously as you can see all the boxes of decor over in the back corner):
DSC_0494 copy

I chose a different floor this time. I loved our walnut but it was just too soft so we decided to go with a reclaimed, distressed floor. The floor has lots of texture and an oil, matte finish that is supposed to be much better than stain and poly for long-term wear:
Wanted to show my pumkins I picked up yesterday at Whole Foods. I will show a better view of the house when we get our awnings installed and our large globe boxwoods that will hopefully come in soon that we had to special order:
DSC_0501-copy copy


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