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This Could Save Your Life

I’m compelled to share this story because it could save someone’s life. No one is immune to this and living a healthy life is too important to put this on the back burner. This is a preventable disease! If you read anything on this blog, let it be this.

My Personal Story:
In November 2009, I went to the doctor for a physical to make sure I was healthy ( a well check). While there, I had her examine a spot under my arm that I thought was worth looking at. She said it looked fine and was nothing to worry about. Then last year October 2010, while in Hawaii, it caught my eye again and it just didn’t sit right with me because it looked larger. At my baby doctor appointment, I asked my OB/GYN to look at it. She said it looked fine. I made a mental note to moniter it but soon forgot about it because two doctors had now told me it was fine. Two weeks ago on our little anniversary getaway to San Antonio, it caught my eye again when I put my swimsuit on and it just didn’t sit right with me. I promised Scott I would get it checked out by my friend whom is a dermatologist when we got back. She squeezed me in because I was worried about it and thought it looked okay but I told her to remove it anyway because I didn’t want to continue to worry about it. She removed it and said everything will be fine and not to worry. A week later (this past Friday), the results were in and it came back with a “severe” rating by the pathologists for turning into Melanoma skin cancer. In case you aren’t familiar with Melanoma, it is a very dangerous skin cancer that will spread throughout your body and can be difficult to cure. Though it is considered a rare cancer, it is becoming increasingly more common. My dermatologist/friend told me that a rating of severe (severe is SCARY) means it could have turned into Melanoma in a matter of weeks or possibly a couple of years. Words cannot explain how unbelievably grateful I am to have had it removed and tested. I feel incredibly blessed! I knew in my heart something wasn’t right. God kept whispering that it wasn’t good and though all the doctors thought it was okay, I listened to him! I went in this past week and we removed more tissue just to be safe. Most people, including me, put things off because we get busy, especially with children and work. If something seems off, take action even if your doctor thinks it is fine. I can assure you, there is a reason it seems off.

At 31 years old, you wouldn’t think that it could happen to you. My motivation for getting it removed was so that it didn’t turn bad in 20 years. Little did I realize that it was much worse than I could have imagined. I have olive complexion, very rarely burn, and it was in a spot that gets very little sun. However, when I was young, I never wore sunscreen and I spent many summers as a life guard sitting out in the full sun.

I’m sharing this because melanoma is rare but skin cancer is not. I’d take a scar anyday over cancer!


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I’m almost finished with Olivia’s nursery. My designer distraction disorder creates a challenge for me because I keep moving from room to room without completely finishing the task at hand :)!

The inspiration for this room started before Olivia was conceived. I knew when we decided that we would have another baby that I wanted a room that wasn’t pink or blue but rather neutral and while perusing on Etsy (yes, I’m addicted), I found this great photograph. I had the photographer shoot a few more coordinating photos of the carousel so I could frame the set. I based everything in the room off these photos.

il_570xN_142257225 copy

This little Angel sleeps here in her crib during the day and in our room at night. She is just the sweetest girl! She loves, loves, loves to be talked to and will reward you with huge smiles and laughs.

Her nursery turned out just as I had hoped as it is a very calming space:

The view from her room is one of my favorites from our entire home:

Wall Color: SW Sea Salt (in the pictures above it looks light blue but is a really pretty light blue/green color)
Crib and Side Tables: Stanley Young America – Passed down from Avery
Armoire: Was stained Dark Brown and from an old bedroom suit so I repainted Sherwin Williams “Westhighland White” and added knobs from Anthropologie
Knobs: http://www.anthropologie.com
Lamb: a gift
Woven Baskets: http://www.potterybarnkids.com
Peter Rabbit Prints: Ebay
Frames: http://www.potterybarnkids.com
Carousel Photographs: Etsy
Custom Frames: americanframes.com
ABC Print: Etsy
Crib Bedding: Customized at http://www.carouseldesigns.com
Moroccan pouf: Ebay (much cheaper than serenaandlily.com)
Birdie Mirror: Laurie’s Home Furnishings
Chaise: From our last home
Carpet: Godfrey Hirst

Avery and Olivia’s Bathroom (Jack and Jill):
Olivia’s side:
I’m going to have to get a custom made shower curtain because the length is too tall. I have yet to find the perfect fabric:
Avery’s side:

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Avery Is 3 Today

Happy Birthday, Princess! I can’t believe you are 3 today. My heart flutters thinking of the last three years and all the amazing memories we have made with you. You are such a sweet big sister. You will always be my baby but are getting so big!

Oh, I so love these days. Avery, I hope you have a beautiful, happy birthday filled with fun and laughter. I dream big dreams for you. I pray that you are able to enjoy the simplicity of life, finding immense happiness in the little things while also being able to explore and appreciate all there is to life.

I have to tell this story of yesterday morning so I remember for many years to come. I could hear the little pitter patter of your feet coming down the hall as you ran towards the bedroom. The conversation went like this:
“Mommy, mommy wake up! I have a surprise for you” (you climb into bed with me with a beautiful pink petunia in hand). “I have a surprise for you! Look, I got this specially for you. I [lub] (love) you, mommy!” ( and then she kissed my hand). It was sooooo precious and yes, she did say ” specially” which means she was obviously coached by Nene. (correction: Nene assures me that she didn’t tell her to say that and that was all on her own, even the especially part.) She is incredibly articulate so I get a kick out of it when she says stuff like “I lub you!” and “slashlight”, etc. By the way, while we were driving to school today for her Easter Egg hunt, she dropped her Easter basket on the floor and asked me to pick it up for her. I told her I couldn’t reach it. She responded, “Don’t worry about it, Mom.” She cracks me up!

This Easter weekend will be “especially” fun since the Easter bunny is coming, too!

Walking down memory lane the last 3 years……

The day we brought you home, my precious girl:


2 weeks:


First time at the beach:


Fourth of July (10 weeks) which is Olivia’s age right now:



Eating veggies:


Avery at 5 months at Ambergris Cayes, Belize (Olivia has the same exact smile):

Avery Belize

8 months:

Avery-vday card

9 months:

Avery at 9 months

1 year:

bday pic

15 months:


19 months:


2 years:


2.5 years:


This morning (she has her princess dress over her Dora jammies and Hello Kitty stickers on her nails):



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The Garage

The garages are Scott’s domain. In fact, he calls the single car garage his. I’d like to think it is ours 🙂 I hired a professional organizer for him because after organizing the entire house, I didn’t want to organize his stuff. He was a sport about it and when she came, he worked with her while she took inventory. She
sent us the plan this past weekend so it will be our next big project to do around here. He thinks I’m nuts (maybe I am a little) because he leaves the garage open and it’s full of “stuff” and I like to go behind him and close it so no one can see the mess that lives inside it. I certainly don’t want our neighbors to think our house looks like that inside. I’m really anxious to get it organized now that we have dwindled our indoor to-do list.

DSC_0079 copy

My little knockout roses are coming back! You can barely see them peeking out behind the boxwoods. The hungry deer mowed them to the ground. Between the record freezes, the deer, and now the record drought, our poor yard is taking a beating, especially since the plants haven’t had enough time to get estabished. I had two beautiful bouganvillea, one of which was on the very corner next to the cherry laurel, but it froze so we replaced it with another one but it hasn’t grown tall enough yet to see.

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Happy Weekend

We had a great weekend with family and friends! Friday was absolutely gorgeous here so Scott and I took the day off to have lunch and then spend time with the girls. Scott and Avery went swimming while Olivia and I watched. We know we have to enjoy these days because it won’t be long before it is scorching hot outside.

If you are wondering what that blue thing is behind Scott on the side of the pool, it is the pool cover. It hides underneith the pool coping when the pool is open.

Saturday, we relaxed, finished some projects on our list and then went to Elizabeth and Brian’s for a crawfish boil. We had a great time with friends and Avery found some friends to play with, too! Then we met Dawn and Matt back in our neck of the woods for dinner and they stayed the night.

Melts my heart!

I could photoshop out the runny nose but that wouldn’t be very real, now would it. Uncle Matt and Auntie Dawn got her this princess dress for her upcoming 3rd Birthday which happens to be this week. She loves everything to do with princesses!

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La Cantera

We are back from a very short but wonderful weekend at the Westin La Cantera Resort. Sometimes, it’s the little things that pack a powerful punch. It was so nice just to have a few days to rejuvenate and recharge and focus just on us which is so hard to do when you have a newborn and toddler. Nana and Papa were excited too because they got to keep the girls while we were away.

Scott had never been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas so I indulged him and said I would go with it. We rode almost every scary ride there, sometimes twice and with the Fast Pass, it gave me little time to recover from the previous one. We were done after about 4 hours and then went shopping at La Cantera which is a lovely outdoor mall and had some spa time and a lovely dinner. On Sunday, we slept in, had breakfast, spent too much time at Bass Pro Shops (Scott was stocking up on gear for his fly rod I got him) and headed to Nana and Papa’s to get our girls that we missed dearly.

By the time we got to Nana and Papa’s, they clearly needed a nap!! We are so thankful they did this for us as it is no easy task waking up in the middle of the night, two nights in a row, and then running around after little ones all day.

I didn’t take many pictures of our weekend adventures so this one will have to do. This was right before our lovely dinner at Francesca’s at Sunset.

If you can’t tell, it was super windy when we dropped the girls off:
DSC_0017 edit
Check out this little chub-chub! She’s a growing girl 🙂 I just loooooove those cheeks:

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It’s going to be impossible to write this without tears. I think back to 5 years ago on that special day when we committed our lives to one another. It was a gorgeous day in Maui that we shared with close friends and family. We were so happy and excited about all the adventures that we were about to embark on. Scott will tell you that was one of those days that he would relive over and over again. I agree! It was absolutely magical. We were dreamers (and still are)! It’s so hard to believe what we’ve squished into 5 short years and who would have known.

Since the day I met him, I just knew he was so very special because he shares so many of the same values as I do. We are both excited about life and the adventures it holds and are both passionate about experiencing as much as we can while here. We’ve packed a LOT of experiences into a short amount of time and to think about it all just brings a rush of emotion. He is so thoughtful and romantic and cares so much for his family. I fall in love with him over and over again when I see him with his girls. He absolutely adores them!

Just in case you are wondering, I dyed my hair dark brown for about one year just because I wanted to try it!

My parents offered to take the girls so we are headed off for a little weekend getaway, just the two of us. I’m excited! I will share where we are going when I get back. 🙂

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