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Daddy’s Birthday

Today is Scott’s Birthday. We spent the weekend before last celebrating the birthday of my Dad, Scott, and Matt in Shiner and also celebrated Scott’s birthday this past weekend and today. That’s a lot of birthday celebrating 😉 Happy Birthday Scott! You are amazing!

Shooting Skeet:


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I’m a little behind because Avie’s first day was last week. She loves to play with her new friends and brings home all kinds of fun arts and crafts.
Ready to Go:
DSC_0009 (2)
Being Silly:
DSC_0010 (2)
DSC_0027 (2)
DSC_0017 (2)
DSC_0015 (2)

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Our Little Beethoven

My mom (Lovey) ordered her a little piano for her trip but unfortunately UPS didn’t deliver it before she left. This is Avery’s first time playing and she really enjoys tickling the ivories.

DSC_0001, originally uploaded by smhibner.

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Sometimes, Life Has Its Agenda

This week has been like a tornado. Scott and I had a huge business opportunity pop up at the last minute…one of those opportunites that is life changing. It is something I have been working for for years and everything was going perfectly. Our timing was spot on and everything else was what it needed to be. We booked a very expensive last-minute flight up to Salt Lake City and everything went awry from there. I have to say that one of the worst feelings is when you do everything in your power to make something happen and it doesn’t. Often, I am disheartened by the corporate world where more money is power and nothing else matters. We just got back and we are still a little shocked by this whole ordeal. However, on the flight back home I got reacquainted with something I already knew. Life truly does have its own agenda for somethings. We often can make things happen but there are certain paths that are unchangeable. I’m not defeated but ready to move on to get what needs to be done, done. I don’t live my life by coulda, shoulda, woulda. I give whatever is in front of me my all and if it doesn’t happen, I am forced to move on. Life happens. It is what we make of it that really matters! I’m constantly reminded of this and it is so true.

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Friday, Scott’s mom came to town to spend the weekend with us. Her grandchildren call her Lovey. Unfortunately, the weather this past week has been gloomy and rainy so we didn’t get to do very much but we did stay at home and play! On Saturday, Lovey wanted to go find something fabric-related so we trekked out in the rain and went hunting. I didn’t realize we have so many great fabric stores and warehouses here in Houston. I’m glad we went because that should help me a lot when decorating the next house. The one down the road from us is humongous and has every type of fabric, indoor and outdoor fabric, etc you could ever want. After our fabric search, we met up with Mariam for lunch at Grotto. On Saturday evening, Scott and I met up with our friends Elizabeth and Brian for ballroom dance lessons. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I absolutely loved it. We actually learned a ballroom dance routine in 2 hours if you can believe it. Next time we want to do the swing dance lessons. After all that activity, we were starving so we headed to a very late dinner at Trulucks’s with Brian, E and Mariam. Sunday, the weather was no different…still gloomy but we decided to go to lunch at Chuy’s with Lovey and we took her to our new town to show her where we were going to live. Avery had a ball with her Lovey this weekend and hopes she comes to visit again soon!

Avery loves to go through all the drawers in our bathroom and pull things out. She found these winter crocs in a drawer in her room and put them on herself. She then proceeded to go through Daddy’s travel bag to pull things out of it:

Notice that she has a miniature travel shampoo bottle in her hand. She pretends to put it in her hands and then rubs her head like she is washing her hair.

Avery’s Daddy giving her a manicure:

Lovey and Avery being silly:










Trying to get her to keep her bow in. She actually did end up leaving it in. Yay!

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Bed Head

Check out the bed head. I couldn’t get her hair to stay down. She’s eating breakfast and someone is waiting behind her for a snack. Bentley is like the doggie vacuum cleaner. I rarely have to wipe up food from under Avery because Bentley will clean it all up for me. Ha!

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My Green Bean

I just love the color green on Avery. She looks so bright!
She has a nice bruise on her cheek, too, from running into a dresser. She doesn’t believe in walking anywhere. It’s always at full speed ahead.

So silly:
Determined to get the shoe back on:
Lounging with Papa:

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