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Thanksgiving 2011 was really special because we celebrated with our growing family! This year, our family grew by 2 with Olivia and Lyla being born. I’m so thankful for my family and our health and well-being! We also got some Facetime with Scott’s family whom were dearly missed.

I love this time of year! We went to the farm to my parents for the holiday weekend and there was no shortage of traditional Thanksgiving deliciousness. We had two Thanksgivings with a Black Friday shopping spree sandwiched in between. On the day of shopping, we took the babies (bless their little hearts but they were troopers) and Avery stayed behind with Daddy and had the time of her life riding tractors and going to Dairy Queen.

Before I get to the pictures, I’m also thankful that the Longhorns WON. We are a family divided so it makes for extra fun when we beat those Aggies.

Mom whipped up this yummy Banana Pudding Pie:
and this Broccoli and Rice among about 20 other things (not kidding…she was a cooking machine):
I just like this centerpiece:
The weather was gorgeous:
DSC_0742 edit
DSC_0722 edit
Cousins….Lyla is trying to get away from an excited Livy:

We did a mini photo session trying to get the girls to take a picture together because all my cute pictures are of them apart(IMPOSSIBLE to get them together both smiling and looking)!! Our Christmas card this year is going to have to be pictures of them separately.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

This picture says it all..one is working with me (and I mean she is putting on a show) while the other is turned completely around:
DSC_0772 edit
DSC_0775 edit
DSC_0793 edit
DSC_0794 edit
DSC_0798 edit


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We hang out in the kitchen a lot and Olivia’s favorite thing is to pull out all the cups and bowls in her cabinet.   It was Avery’s favorite as well.  I have one cabinet that I keep all their supplies and I give her free reign.   I’m always amazed out how non-toy toys seem to provide the most entertainment.

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Weekends at Home

With Scott traveling so much recently during the week, we have been staying at home quite a bit on the weekends. We really like going to Central Market to find lots of great food for the weekend and Avery loves it! She calls it the park with a store and she never forgets about getting a balloon. Olivia just enjoys coming along and soaking it all in! She doesn’t like balloons though and constantly blinks her eyes when Avery’s balloon comes near her.
DSC_0657 copy
Blurry but still love:
DSC_0669 copy
DSC_0636 copy
Watching her sister climb up the playscape and probably thinking…I can do that!:
DSC_0652 copy

On Saturday, Avery’s friend had a birthday party at Gymboree. She talked about going every single day last week. She wasn’t disappointed! She had so much fun 🙂 and Livy did too!

One thing I’ve noticed is that with moving children, I have a hard time getting my pictures in focus with the 50mm though I love it. Do I need to up my aperture or is there something else I need to do?

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Architecture Wrap Up

We are moving on to a new phase as we start wrapping up the architecture of our new home. We had to make some changes due to the elevation and slopes of our lot and we are really happy with the new design. My goal was to keep the look and feel of our last home but add some details to give it more of a symmetrical feel. I love symmetry and oversized windows and doors. Scott likes when I’m happy so that worked out well! The lot lent itself nicely for steps going up to a semi-enclosed courtyard. Scott loves courtyards and I like open so it is a great marriage of the two. Like last time, everything has to be submitted before a design committee and I’m glad to be moving past this first stage.


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Dear Olivia,
I want to tell you how special you are to me. You bring so much happiness to our lives and you can truly light up a room when you enter. I’m so glad to have you back home with me during the day but your teachers miss you and ask about you always though you were only at daycare a short while. You leave lasting impressions. I love seeing your smiles all day and being able to give you lots of kisses.

DSC_0623 copy

What are you up to these days?
– You love babbling and making sounds, saying mama and dada, and mo (I think with intention)
– You definitely sign with intention and this morning clicked with your tongue ( a trick I taught you but you think it means eat), signed milk, and then signed eat with your hands to let me know you were hungry. I laughed so hard because you wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it!
-You want to walk so badly and get SO proud of yourself when you stand on your own. Don’t rush it, my dear! You already crawl so fast and we’ll definitely have our work cut out for us when you start walking.
DSC_0588 copy

– You smile so big it takes over your entire face! I love your smiles.
– You still sleep beautifully, napping, and through the night.
– Only 2 bottom teeth so far. Those top two want to come out but still haven’t.
– You love Plain Yogurt the most out of all foods. You are just like your big sister in this way. You both love it like it’s ice cream.
– You think your sister is so cool and are always following her around.


I love you so much Livy Lu!

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Trick or Treat

This neighborhood ROCKS when it comes to family fun! Apparently, every year, all the neighbors get together for a party and go trick or treating as one large group. We went to the pizza party and Avery met some of the neighborhood kiddos her age. She loved it! They had a minimum of 30 pizzas so they sent one home with us because we had to leave a bit early for Olivia. We made our rounds through the neighborhood and large groups of parents (with treats of their own in hand) and costumed kids were going door to door getting lots of treats. Avery was so excited seeing all these children in her neighborhood. At one point, we were leaving a house after she got candy and about 8 girls a few years older than her started running up the street and she yelled “Hey Guys, Wait for me!!” and started running to join them. She is not shy and loves friends.

Getting princess ready:
Eating pizza with all the kids:
After trick or treating, Avery and I sat out front handing out candy while Daddy put Livy nighty night:
She loved giving candy:
Waiting for more trick or treaters to come:

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Birthday Perfection

My birthday was a wonderful day! I woke up to Scott and the girls baking me a homemade strawberry cake:

I took the day off , played with the girls, and went shopping with Scott and he got me these:

And then went to the spa followed by dinner at Wink with Scott! What a treat of a day! It was perfect. Olivia and Avery got me these beauties:

Then on Saturday, Mariam, Brian, and Elizabeth came to visit and took us out to dinner.

And Sunday, Nana and Papa came to visit and took us all to lunch!
And they brought these treats for the girls:

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