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We are so excited to be leaving to the beach. I have loaded up on Summer outfits for Avery and books for me! We are so ready for a little R&R. We checked the weather tonight and the weather in Cabo is in the 80’s so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine the whole time.  After this crazy winter, I’m ready for warmth.   Updates and pictures to come when we are back.


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Every night we read to Avery. It is one of our favorite times of the day! We always ask her what book she wants to read and it usually goes something like this. “Bee! Bee! Bee!” which means she wants “Bee & Me” and when we are done with that one, “Moon!, Moon!, Moon!” which means that she wants “Goodnight Moon.” She also often requests “Balloon!” for “Where Do Balloons Go?” and “Bear! Bear!” for “Brown Bear, Brown Bear!” She doesn’t forget either. Sometimes, it’s the Moo Book or the Foot Book. She switches them up every night and we usually end up reading about 3 books because she is quite insistent. I’m amazed by her memory. She has many of the books memorized so she reads along.

On another note, she says some funny phrases that I get a kick out of.

With her hands out and palms up using the generic “Where” hand expression, she says, “Where did it go, Mama?” The other day she spotted an airplane in the sky and then it disappeared into the clouds and she said with her hands out, “Where did it go, airplane?” While watching Dora yesterday morning, the Dora show went to commercial and she said, “Mama! Mama! Where did it go, Dora?” with the cutest intonation.

She picks up things off the floor (like a piece of string or a leaf from Bentley) and brings them to me and says, “Here you go!” She actually says this phrase quite a bit.

This afternoon we went to the park and she wanted to swing. She communicated to Scott that she wanted him to swing next to her by saying, “Dada, jibberish blue swing!” and pointed to him and pointed to the swing. She then did the exact same thing to me “Mama, jibberish yellow swing!” so we had the whole family swinging.

I find her so entertaining and funny. I just love how she explores and learns through trial and error and am always amazed!

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Friday we picked up Avery from school early and went out to the rodeo to go see the animals. Avery loves animals!
Avery really wanted down here so she could go pet the cow….

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We went to Cyclone Anaya’s last night for Mexican food and margaritas to enjoy the gorgeous weather and relax a bit. Avery decided that she really wanted to eat salsa and since it wasn’t too spicy we went ahead and let her. She loved it. She had quite a bit before she decided that it was starting to get hot and then was done with it. I don’t encourage her to eat salsa because I don’t want it to hurt her tummy but she loved it! After eating salsa, quesadillas, and refried beans, she was up for some dancing. She is without a doubt entertaining!


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Flat Stanley

My nephew had a class project where he read a book about Flat Stanley and then he had to have a family member take pictures with Flat Stanley in different locations so during our trip to Austin, Scott and Flat Stanley had a ball visiting various locations.
At Maudies (iphone pic):
Broken Spoke:
Carlos N Charlies:

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Wordless Wednesday

Well…almost wordless that is.
Avery is wanting to go bye bye here. She is turning into me, always ready to go somewhere. She’s so funny! Whenever she wants my attention, she says “Mama!” over an over again in a very authoritative voice.

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This past weekend, Nana and Papa kept Avery and Scott and I went to Austin to celebrate Mariam’s birthday. On Friday, we met up with Mariam, Elizabeth, and Brian at Maudie’s and then went to the Broken Spoke for some country dancing. It reminded me of the days that we had dances in Halletsville. We had so much fun! On Saturday, Scott and I woke up to a beautiful morning and decided to get breakfast at Kirbey Lane and then spent the afternoon at the spa. We met up with Mariam, E and Brian at Carlos and Charlies and later had dinner at Kenichi’s followed by a late night of dancing. We had an awesome time but were exhausted Sunday morning 🙂

While we were in Austin, Avery was having fun at Nana and Papa’s. Nana took Avery to see all the baby animals at the Shiner FFA Stockshow while Papa barbecued. On Saturday, they had a birthday party for grandma so she got to play all day with our cousin’s little ones. I wish I had pictures to post but it seems no one took pictures, not even us.

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