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Happy People!

I came across this article when signing up for Oprah’s class starting March 3rd in regards to the book “A New Earth” which I plan on reading.  I think everyone should read the following article:  Click here!   From time to time, I will share anything I find to be very interesting.  This article is 100% accurate and of course, there are studies that back it up.  I really like that it states that one must take actions to achieve long-term happiness.  It does not just come to you.   We are in control of ourselves and I hope anyone who reads this blog takes the time read the article.  We all deserve life-long happiness so take action today.  Love this life! 


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Baby Shower

This past weekend, our dear friends, Mariam and Elizabeth threw a baby shower for Avery.  What a wonderful time!  Everything was so pretty from the fresh flowers to the adorable cake.  The cake was unbelievably yummy…probably the best I’ve ever had and I’m not kidding.  Scott agrees!  My favorite part was the baby word game that lasted the entire shower.  If you said the word ‘baby’, you lost your pacifier necklace.  The point of the game was to steal as many of those necklaces as possible.  That was quite a hit.  Thanks so much Mariam and Elizabeth for hostessing the baby shower for Avery and to all of our guests who came!  We really appreciate all of you 🙂

Baby Shower 2

Baby Shower 7

Showing off Avery’s Frio Gear (soooo cute):

Baby Shower 1

Elizabeth (hostess), Scott, me, and Mariam (hostess):

Baby Shower 6

Baby Shower 4

Baby Shower 3

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Picnic at the Park

Wow!  We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day.  Today was absolutely a day to spend outside!   We went for a walk this morning and then this evening, we decided to have a picnic at the park down the street.  We went to Randall’s to pick up all the necessities and then had a great time at the park.   We look forward to taking Avery there soon!   This was our very first picnic and I look forward to many more.   I think having a picnic is a pasttime that everyone should enjoy from time to time.  🙂  We are fortunate that our park is very close. 

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Bentley Bloopers

My mom and dad came over this weekend to experience the amazing sonogram with us and Bentley was so excited because her best friend, Harley, came to play as well!   Bentley absolutely loves Harley (maltese) and tries to keep up with him at all times.   She usually has no problem with this as she is unbelievably fast and is impossible to catch.   However, her toenails have grown out slightly and it makes it really difficult for her to get traction on the wood floors for going up and down our stairs.  At one point, she literally was running in one place on the wood floors because her nails were preventing her from getting traction.    This was quite funny to watch but Bentley didn’t think so.   Since Saturday, she has absolutely refused to go up the stairs.   We even clipped her nails and she just would not get over her fear so we have been carrying her up the stairs with us or putting her in the elevator.   My concern with this new anxiety of hers is that it would become a long-term issue and we would be stuck carrying her up and down the stairs from here on out.   At one point, I left the house to run errands for an hour and  she usually would go upstairs to visit Scott, but she stayed down on the first floor the whole time.   This is so unlike her because she hates being by herself.   We tried to bribe her to go up the stairs with her favorite treats and I even worked with her by holding her as she moved her legs up the stairs.  None of that worked.  I tried to use a leash to pull her up and show her it wasn’t scary and I even tried to run around, chase her, and play to distract her and then go up and she was having none of it.  As soon as she got close to the stairs, she would freeze.  So yesterday, I was making lunch and I pulled out the cheese for my sandwich.  Bentley LOVES cheese!  She can hear the wrapper opening from the other side of the room and will come running hoping for a piece.   I tried to capitalize on this motivation so I took a very small amount and went to the top of the stairs.  She proceeded to follow me relunctantly to get her cheese.   I always new cheese was wonderful.  It not only tastes good but it cures fears, too!   It’s amazing what a little motivation can do.  Apparently, she likes cheese more than I even realized.   After that one time, she has forgotten all about her fear of the stairs.  She is back to old herself again.   I wish breaking fears and bad habits were always that easy 😉  

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Avery Grace Slide Show!

We have been anticipating this day since Christmas when Scott signed us up for the 3D/4D Sonogram.  This was the coolest experience being able to see into her little world.  She smiled for us, opened her eyes, played peek-a-boo, and absolutely amazed us!  We are so in love with her.  She has her daddy’s mouth and her mommy’s chin.   **Make sure to view the video below.**  It’s even more awesome than the slideshow above and make sure your sound is on for the movie so you can hear the music!  This was our first movie editing experience and with some teamwork, we figured it out pretty quickly.  Make sure to view the credits at the very end of the movie 😉  Too cute!

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V-day card

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