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BlueFly Sale

Okay, so I was shopping on BlueFly.com yesterday because they were having their huge sale.  I found so many cute things, and then I left the office thinking I would complete the order this morning.   I am now so devastated because the sale is over!!  I still want the products but I don’t get quite the savings as I could have yesterday.  I guess I really learned my lesson about sale items.   However, I did find this coupon “$20 off of $150+ for new customers coupon code- AFF20 expires 8/31/07”.   It is a little difficult to shop right now since my tummy will be growing but I’m still in denial that it will actually grow to get that big.  I did find these super cute tops that I can wear now and in 4 months from now as well.  

Black Bubble Tunic

 I am getting black and blue.  I think it is super cute!   Oh, and the new Christian Dior shoes are SUPER gorgeous.  Since I won’t be growing out of those, I might just have to get them.  I better get on with my shopping or everything in the cart will disappear on me again.   Yikes!


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Oh, how we love Austin!

Scott and I try to get to Austin any chance we can because we absolutely love it!  This past weekend my Mom, Hillary and I went to Austin to help Dawn pick out her wedding dress.  It was a good excuse to get out of Houston.  Scott decided to come as well and we just stayed out at the lake for the weekend.   

Scott loves to fish so believe it or not, instead of going down to the actual lake to fish, he fishes out of the golf course ponds.   Saturday evening, Scott surprised me with dinner at Wink which I highly recommend to anyone trying to find a great place to eat in Austin.  On Sunday, we went to the driving range (I seriously need lessons) and just relaxed the rest of the day.   We headed back to the land of work on Monday and I have the rest of the week to dream about our lovely weekend in Austin.

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Scott and I went for a walk yesterday evening (with Bentley, of course) and we started discussing our new living arrangements.  Since we are moving to our new home and we have Baby H on the way, we tried to come up with ideas on how to organize our home.  Our new home will have 3 bedrooms and a much larger living space on the 4th floor than our current home.  We both work from home so we need two offices, a baby room, a guest room, and our own room.  That’s at least five rooms.   It’s always fun to throw ideas around and be creative, right?   Since we obviously need more rooms than we have with our new home, Scott threw out the idea that we use one of the large closets in the master bedroom as the baby room.  I laughed at first!!  And then I got to thinking.  The “his” closet has a lovely window and is plenty large to put the baby in.  The “her” closet is more than enough room for us to share.  We would have to rip out some of the shelving and do a new build out in there but the baby would have a built in organized area.  If you know me well, I love organized!  The room will be slightly more narrow than a normal room but I think we can make it work.   It’s fun to be spontaneous and a little adventurous and I owe this idea all to Scott!  Stay tuned on how it turns out.  I will post before, middle, and after pictures so everyone can see the progress.   We’ll see just how savvy we are.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

 Closet/Baby Room

I was thinking I could organize one of the walls similar to this one found at PotteryBarnKids.com.   This is super cute and will actually work in that space.   Stay tuned!

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Top 5…

1.  HostessBlog.com  (Keeps me inspired and makes me want to host a party…)

2.  PoshTots.com  & PoshCravings.com (I stalked this site long before baby H was conceived.)

3.  EverdayMinerals.com  (Fabulous mineral makeup.  Watch out Bare Minerals!)

4.  FineLiving.com (What’s not to love about this channel and website?)

5.  StyleMePretty.com (Thank goodness Dawn is getting married.  It gives me a reason to look at pretty weddings ideas.)

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It’s Official!

We had our first doctor’s visit today and she confirmed our pregnant status.  We are due April 16th (one week after our Anniversary)!   Scott and I are learning so much about all the new changes that will be occurring and it is such an exciting journey.   We just continue to pray that Baby H is and continues to be as healthy as can be.  

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He’s so special!

This week I came home from dinner with a friend to find this gorgeous “I love you”/”happy baby” flower arrangement from Scott.  It is by far the most beautiful arrangement I’ve ever seen.  Can you believe he picked each flower and put the arrangement together all himself?  The flowers in the arrangement include Birds of Paradise, Red Roses, Knockout Roses, Calla Lilies, and many other flowers.  I absolutely love them!

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We went to Belize this past week and here are a few pictures from our adventures…

Tranquility Restaurant
Good times with our Friends! From left to right: Brad, Mariam, me, Scott, Elizabeth, and Brian. We were headed to dinner at Portofino’s in town which was a 15 minute boat ride.

Fisherman Bob!

Fisherman Bob!  This is Scott coming in from his fishing trip  starting at 5 am.  Crazy, crazy man.

The mermen!

Three mermen swimming in the sea…Scott, Pany, and Brad. The 4th merman is Brian whom is taking this lovely photograph.

Passed out!

Notice the leaf in his mouth and the little ties in his hair. He was seriously passed out. This guy was at the dock where we park Pany’s boat in San Pedro. Hilarious!

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