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Odds and Ends

This week, Avie had her Auntie Dawn visit and thank goodness because Scott was gone most of the week traveling around Texas and would get home between 8 and 10pm. I get lonely around here when he is gone so I had someone to keep me company during the day while Avie is at school. We went to eat sushi one day at Sushi King, our favorite, and yesterday we went to Central Market. I just love that grocery store and so does my little girl because the nice people that work there give her all kinds of goodies to taste like sweet potatoes, fruit, and bread. Yummy!

Avery loves sitting on the first stair tread. It’s just her size and she goes and sits and says “Dow” because we always tell her to sit down (sometimes, she likes to stand on it).
Hillary, Avie, and Bentley all hanging our the pantry. Are you guys hungry?
Eating snacks:
Here I was playing with my camera. I will Photoshop this pic when I get a chance:


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Carousel Ride

On Sunday, we decided to go to Memorial City Mall so Avery could ride the Carousel.  Auntie Hillary came along as well.   We ate a little lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then strolled around the mall for a bit.  Scott got trapped by one of those people in the middle of the mall.   He told Scott to try a sample of the massage and got sucked in.   While he did that, the girls went shopping.  Now here comes the funny part!   When we went to go ride the carousel, I told Scott we should change Avery’s diaper first so we headed to the family restroom.   I looked through her diaper bag and her changing pad was missing (not sure where it went).  What to do?   We used Avery’s extra outfit (in case of accidents) on the changing table for her to lay on.   Scott started changing her diaper.   Keep in mind,  I forgot to pack the wipes and  knew we didn’t have any with us and Target was going to be our last stop (there is one at the mall) so we hoped and prayed she didn’t have poopy.  Thankfully, she did not!   As Scott was changing her diaper, she started to pee.  It got all over her outfit and her extra outfit that she was laying on.  Yikes!   I looked around for paper towels.  There were NONE!   What family restroom doesn’t have paper towels.   Okay, so now we have a dilemma.  No wipes, no paper towels.  I picked up Avery and stood her up.   Scott said, how about I rinse her clothes in the sink and dry them under this powerful dryer.  Yes!  Great!   As I’m holding Avery up on the counter, she pees again, everywhere.  Oh dear!   I rinse her off in the sink and dry her off under the dryer as well.   She loved that!   Finally, we got her all fixed up and had to clean the excess pee pee on the counter with a clean diaper and soap.   We put that little adventure behind us and were off to go ride the carousel.  The attendant was out for lunch (at 3:30 pm?)  so we went for a little snack of chocolate and caramel covered apples.   Yum!  Then it was carousel time.   As you can see in the pictures, she really enjoyed it!

Lunch at CPK:
Scott got sucked in with the sample:
Snacking on a caramel/chocolate covered apple:
I thought Avery’s facial expression was so precious in this picture. Too bad my eyes were closed:

And this week, Auntie Dawn is coming to visit!

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Squeaky, Squeaky!

DSC_0088, originally uploaded by smhibner.

Avery wore her squeaky shoes for the first time on Sunday. She thought they were the best thing ever. It was so funny how she would just stomp, stomp, stomp just to make them squeak more. What a cutie pie! When we first put them on her, she ran around non-stop.

Lovey gave her these shoes and we took this video for Lovey. Avery doesn’t get to see Lovey very often because she lives so far away.

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Snack Time!

DSC_0064, originally uploaded by smhibner.

This was on Saturday right before her playdate with Fieldsie, our neighbor’s granddaughter. Avery had a blast. Aunt Hillary was also in for the weekend so we could go to The Fray concert in the Woodlands on Saturday evening with Mariam. That was so much fun! I love their music. We had lawn seats and it was nice and breezy.

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Kelly over at one of my favorite blogs, http://www.kellyskornerblog.com, has changed up her weekly Show Us Your House to Show Us Your Life. This week features wedding dresses. Scott and my wedding day was one of the most special days of our lives and I love reflecting on that amazing day that sparked the journey that we have and will continue on together for the rest of our lives.

I chose a really simple wedding dress. Since it was a Maui beach wedding, I thought that something simple and classic would be most fitting for what I had envisioned.   My inspiration was from the dress the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore.  Ever since I saw this picture, I knew that’s what I wanted mine to look similar to.   I went to one place, Priscilla of Boston, and walked out with the one.   

Scott still talks about our wedding day and if there was one day he could relive over and over, it would be that one for him.  (and of course, the day Avery was born :))

You may not even recognize me because my hair was so dark.   It was a fun change!   It was so hard to maintain though because my hair is naturally light and it required constant coloring to keep it dark. 

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Avery Grace does look like her Daddy! I know all of you have realized this since she was born but I’ve been in denial holding out hope that she might look like me a little bit. That might just be silly but I think moms like it when their children resemble them in some way. In some of these pictures, I’m noticing it more and more of how much she really looks like Scott, especially when he was a baby. We do joke about her being a little like me when it comes to keeping things clean and organized which I’m oh so proud of. She likes to put everything back just like it was before she took things out. This morning, she hung up our dish towels on the stove where they belong and I gave her a toothbrush to brush her teeth with while I was getting dressed in my bathroom and she put it back in the drawer (the correct one) when she was finished without me ever asking her to do it. She’s a mini-me when it comes to being organized.

Avery’s snuggling with her Minnie Mouse:
Scrunchy Nose:
Avery’s Favorite Place to Play (her cabinet):
This is Avery’s cabinet. She isn’t allowed to play in any of the others and has full reign of this one where all the tupperware is. If she gets into the other cabinets where she isn’t supposed to be, we just tell her to go find her cabinet and she shuts the door and goes to hers. I used to have it all nice and neat but I let her pretty much put things how she wants them to be in here. As you can see, she loves her cabinet and all the contents in it and sometimes will try to crawl in it as well.

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Avery turned 15 months yesterday!  Woohoo 🙂   She has given us 15 of the best months of our life and I look forward to every new day with her.   When I go to sleep at night, I think to myself I can’t wait to see her smiling face in the morning.   I often not so secretly wish she could sleep with us but she has always slept in her own bed and I fear if I put her in our bed she will not get a quality sleep and might even end up falling out of our high bed.   I just want to lay and cuddle with her as she peacefully sleeps.   It’s hard to do that when she is laying in her crib 🙂    Happy 15th Months Avery! 

This past weekend, the highlight of the weekend for me was heading up to the (town deleted) to see our land that we are going to purchase.  I just like going riding and looking.  It’s a genetic thing I believe.  My Mom and Dawn love to do the same thing and my Mom’s sisters all do as well.  It’s fun whether there is a purpose or not.   At first, Avery wasn’t so excited.  She is not a fan of being strapped down in her car seat.  She loves to play and be active so I have a car organizer filled with little toys arms length away from me while I’m driving.   Each toy holds her attention anywhere from 2 seconds to maybe 5 or 10 minutes if we are super lucky.   She throws one down and I hand her another one.   A 30 minute car ride with a whining toddler can seem like forever but when we arrived at our destination, she was beside herself.   She loves being outside and starts laughing and squealing when you let her loose.  The lot is on the golf course so we let her run around.  As soon as she spotted the lake, she started running and laughing towards it.  She was so cute!  I hope to remember her expressions and reactions of pure delight at that moment.    I didn’t know her little legs could move that fast.   She definitely wanted to go swimming in the water.   After checking out and surveying the lot to make sure it was the right one for us, we headed to La Madeleine’s for a very late lunch, stopped at Wal-Mart for a quick purchase and came home for a restful evening.


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