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Wintery Weekend

This weekend really did feel like Winter! We had one of those weekends (weather-wise) where you just want to curl up on the couch, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot chocolate. We did spend some time at home but I do like to get out and do things. Saturday evening, Nene came with us to the Mall and Avery rode the Carousel and played in the large playhouse and then Scott and I went to dinner with friends in the city at Reef. It’s nice to live outside the city away from it all but then be able to hop in for some fun! Sunday morning we relaxed and then took Avery to go ride the Choo-Choo train at the Galleria. We haven’t really prepared for cold weather so I needed to pick up some things for us to stay warm in now that I no longer fit into my normal tops and Avery has grown out of everything she has. As an extra bonus, A got to pick out her own Godiva chocolate truffle which was really cute because she knew exactly which one she wanted. This is so like Avery. She is very decisive.


On another note, we were at our house (the one under construction) on Saturday and she told Scott she wanted to go fishing pole. Scott took her fishing the week before so when she saw the lake behind our house, she remembered.

House Update: We are planning to move in three weeks so hopefully the house will be very close to complete. I will be soooooo relieved once everything is done. It has been quite a journey and a ton of work. More than anything, we are just super ready to finally get there and settle in. Everything is being trimmed out at this point. These pics are from a month ago.
DSC_0025 (2)
DSC_0005 (3)
DSC_0007 (2)


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We arrived home after a red-eye flight on Saturday around 2pm. We left Maui Friday night at 10pm so you do the math. They are 5 hours behind us. I was a zombie. I was too worried about making sure Avery slept. Needless to say, Sunday morning came way too soon. He and Avery woke me up about 10:30 am (which by the way, I NEVER sleep that late) and was shocked it was that late. He told me that he and Avery wanted to go eat brunch. Though I had no desire to eat anything and wanted to go back to sleep, I got dressed and said little because my mind was mush. We arrived at Jasper’s, a nice little restaurant in town square, and the hostess brought us to a big room full of people. I was thoroughly confused as to why she was seating us in this room full of people. Then it registered! I knew them all. Scott set up this little surprise and my friends and family were there waiting for us for my birthday. It was SOOOO sweet for everyone to come all the way to surprise me, especially after they partied all night for Halloween the night before!

On Sunday evening, we took Avery trick or treating and boy did she like that. She loved the treats!


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Maui & My Birthday

We are back from Maui!  Also, while in Maui, I celebrated my 31st birthday and Avery sweetly wished me “Happy Birthday, Mommy!”  all week long.  We had a great time and were so relaxed while there. 

 It was so good to take a break from the reality of building a home, etc.   I actually slept at night (while in the real world, I am suffering from overactive thinking syndrome…yes, that is my made-up diagnostic term).  Though I must say, Avery’s sleep patterns were all thrown off because of the 5 hour time difference so the first couple of mornings, she was up at 4:30 am.  Yikes!  I got a little taste of what it’s going to be like again in a few months.  I’m spoiled by her great sleep habits. 

While in Maui, we ate at all of our favorite places including the Plantation House where we had our wedding reception, David Paul’s, Kimo’s (where they have the famous and oh, so yummy Hula Pie), and Paia Fish Market.   We also ate at the famous Mama’s Fish House in Paia.   All the food was so, so, so yummy! 

We stayed in Kapalua at the Ritz-Carlton and they recently did a huge renovation so it was very nice and highly recommended if you ever travel to Maui.    Kapalua is my favorite part of all of Maui.  It’s gorgeous!  However, Paia comes in a close second, not just for the beauty of the landscape and sea, but because of the charming town, the cute little shops, and the great restaurants.  If I ever lived in Maui, it would be in Paia…soooo cute!  

Overall, we spent most of our time driving around looking at the beauty (riding around is one of my favorite things to do), lots of hanging by the pool, a little shopping and of course, our favorite was eating!   I got a little spa time and Scott went spear fishing which he really enjoyed.  We were very fortunate that they had an amazing nanny service (like using Mom Best’s Friend) at the resort that we utilized for two evenings.   Being pregnant and so relaxed, I rarely made it past 8 pm awake.   Now that I’m back home, I can’t fall asleep before 12:30 am!!

This was at the Plantation House.  Check out that amazing sunset we had during our dinner.  It doesn’t get any better than that!
The Plantation House overlooks Kapalua and our resort where we stayed:

In Lahaina:
Eating at Kimo’s:
The Famous Hula Pie at Kimo’s:
Wiped out after driving to Paia (and I kept trying to pull her arm down and she would put it back up):
Such a Big Girl:
We went on a submarine type boat where you are submerged and can see all around you. Avery loved the Scuba Diver the most and had tons of fun! I, on the other hand, focused on the floor bottom trying not to get sea sick.
They sell these little cuties as pets. All I could think of is what our neighbors would think! That would be hilarious having a pig running around. They actually have them cleared for traveling on the plane and they are house broken.
Kapalua shot from Honolua Bay:
I wanted a picture up on the top of the hill on my birthday but the wind was literally at least 40 mph so this is us about to blow away:

At 6 months pregnant:

Our view while at dinner at Pineapple Grill:

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