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Happy Birthday Dad!

To celebrate Dad’s birthday, we went my parent’s home this past weekend. Happy Birthday Dad! You are an amazing Dad and Papa 🙂

Scott, Dad, and Hillary did a lot of fishing and Avery got to fish, too. Scott got her a little Dora fishing pole which she loved.

I neglected to take any pics 😦 I was so tired all weekend.

This coming weekend is Warrenton which I’m really excited about. I love going and sorting through all the cool antiques and vintage finds. I hope the weather stays just like it is today!


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Movie Date

Scott and I went on a little movie date early this Monday afternoon. It’s always fun to get out of work mode and have a little us time. We saw “The American” which some may like but wasn’t our favorite. It wasn’t what we expected at all.

In other news, we are a little more than half way there until we get to meet our little pumpkin 🙂 She is a kicker!! Avery moved a LOT, but lil’ pumpkin is super strong and energetic.

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I’m a wee bit behind 🙂 Labor Day weekend we went down to Port Aransas with a group of friends and stayed in a cute beach house near the water. We enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of sun, beach, and good eats. It was quite rainy on the drive down, but the clouds parted for us for most of our stay and then resumed raining on our way home. We did get a small patch of rain and witnessed two waterspouts which is always cool ( as long as they stay on the water). Avery had a blast which is no surprise since it involved swimming and outside.


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Apartment Life

We are settling into apartment life after moving last week from our home. I was actually kind of excited about living in an apartment for a short while because it seems like a very simple life….less to clean and keep organized. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when a housekeeper magically showed up at my door to clean. Now that’s service! It’s also much easier to keep tabs on what Avery is up to since she can’t mozy off too far. The biggest adjustment though is space for food. I guess I didn’t realize how much food we had!

This community is really exactly everything we had hoped for. It’s an amazing place to live (especially if you don’t have to commute to work) and so family-friendly. Scott and I picked up Avery from school today and took her swimming and then walked to Hubbell and Hudson (a super cool grocery store, etc.) to pick up something to cook for dinner. We even found a cool little family area that is kind of hidden where there is a really nice fountain, sitting area, and large splash pad for kids. There seems to be no shortage of these around.

Yesterday, we went to the mall and Avery played in the jungle play area (didn’t want to leave at all), ate a chocolate treat because Mommy wanted one (loved it), and then rode the Carousel (didn’t want to get off). She had quite the time! As we walked out of the mall, she started crying to Scott that she wanted to go back in the house, back in the house, back in the house (continuing with the trend of not wanting to leave). I thought that was really funny that to her, the mall was “the house.”

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Down on the Farm

The weekend before last, we went to the farm for a goodbye party for my Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott. They are moving from the country to the big city after living there all their lives. We had a lot of fun! Mom and Dad had arranged for quite the entertainment including a mule-drawn Trail Ride Wagon (equipped with a bathroom and itunes). I really got a kick out of riding in that wagon feeling like I was living in the 1800’s while listening to some kind of hip-hop music…it was quite funny!

Avery’s Driving (literally):

This Aggie is trying to teach our Longhorn bad tricks like turning the Longhorn upside down:

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Lost Pines Getaway

A few weekends ago Scott surprised me (sort of) with a little vacation to the Lost Pines Hyatt in Lost Pines, Texas. I LOVE that place! I was all for it. It’s so kid-friendly and a gorgeous property. We keep our balance amidst our hectic lives by taking breaks like these and I really cherish the memories and fun we have from our little getaways. I think this may be one of those places we will make a yearly family tradition. We brought Avery last year and there is no shortage of good times.

We spent a lot of time at the pool or floating the lazy river and sliding down the big slide. Avery also got to ride a Longhorn. Go Horns!! She loves to say “Hook ‘Em Horns’ and make her little Longhorn fingers. We also rode a carriage ride pulled by two very large horses (can’t remember what they were called…not clydesdales but their cousins.) She also got lots of bouncy house time and tons of other fun activities.

Yee-Haa! Avery loved the Longhorn:

Yummy! S’mores:
Having the time of her life playing chase with another little girl:
Getting ready for our dinner to arrive:
Riding the carriage ride:

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Catching Up – Moved

I’m usually pretty good about only getting 1 week behind but now I’m a little more behind. I’ve been meaning to post about our Lost Pines vacation from the week before and our trip to Shiner last weekend. Scott and I have been working like Santa’s elves on a deadline. We officially sold our home we’ve been living in for the last 3 years this week, packed up and moved to an apartment down the road from our new home until it is completed. I’m so happy we are one step closer. I’m ready to get settled. For now, we are off for a little Labor Day beach trip to Port Aransas with friends.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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