Our Fall Kitchen

This is my favorite time of the year over all other seasons. Perhaps it is because of the weather or that I really love how it appeals to the senses (especially the smell of Fall, the changing colors of leaves, the warmth of the indoors, etc.) Now that we are finally home, I’m embracing the chance to make our home hug us with “Fall” when we walk in.

I’ve made a few subtle changes from our last kitchen but it is otherwise very much the same. Besides the change in island color, we did a few other minor things. The one thing we did add are some cool cabinet features that I found on Pinterest like the cutting board that drops straight to the trash can and built-in utensil/drawer organizers.

Love fall!


I decided that since today was the first day since we moved in that we wouldn’t have contractors in the house doing punch work and the weather has been PERFECT, I would take advantage and run to Warrenton/Round Top to the Antiques Fair. What made it even better was that my life-long bestie came to meet me with her precious little boy, Jed. Toni and I got to catch up on life and also found some goodies at the same time. We got some great deals since it is towards the end and they wanted to get rid of things.
How cute is he? And he was such a happy camper the entire time!
Spent a gorgeous day at Warrenton Antique Fair with Toni and Jed!   So much fun!   Scored some goodies, too :)

Some of my goodies I found (except the books):

I snapped up that oil painting with frame for $10 within the first five minutes of being there. It has the perfect colors for our family room and tying everything together.

Picnic at the Pond

The weather was gorgeous here yesterday so after we picked up the girls from school, we went on a picnic at our nearby fishing pond. It was very impromptu but the girls had such a good time.

One of the reasons we fell in love with where we live now is the natural beauty that surrounds us. It was important for us to feel like we were in the country. We love being outdoors and truly appreciate the rolling hill country views and the feeling that we live far out in the “Hill Country” (what Texans call it) yet are five minutes from all the stores we like to go to.

Enjoying the gorgeous weather at our fishing pond.

Picnic Time (she loves food!)
Picnic time!

I could eat her up! And don’t mind my messy hair. I’ll get to it one day ūüėČ
Oh, how I love this kid!

Scott’s Birthday

Saturday we had a low key birthday celebration for Scott at home.   He wanted to watch college football which is something he rarely gets time to do.   The weather was off and on rainy so it was nice to stay home.   Avery and I baked him a cake while Livy watched.    I cooked dinner for him as well which was fun!

Shopping at Whole Foods for Scott’s birthday dinner:

Shopping for Scott's birthday dinner @wholefoods

Rainy Haze:
Rainy Haze makes for a cozy weekend at home!

And a view of beautiful rainbow from our front door after the rain moved on:

Sweet Livy asking me to help her put her shoes on (she is obsessed with shoes, shoes, and more shoes):
DSC_0529 copy

Pineapple Juice, Spiced Rum, Ginger Syrup, and Ginger Beer makes a great cocktail:

Cheese Plate with smoked cheddar, aged sharp cheddar, Holland cheese, pear paste, apricot jam, fruit, and pecans (my food photography skills definitely need to be honed):
DSC_0539 copy

Sneak Peak: We are HOME!

It’s been an¬†exhausting past two to three months but we have made it!¬† It’s¬†taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get here (literally).¬†¬† Keeping it real…¬† ¬† Dreams don’t always come easy but it is so worth the sacrifices and hard work in the end.¬†¬†¬†Our journey has been filled with chaos and adventures these last few months and the girls have just rolled with all of it as if the chaos never even existed.¬†¬†We moved in to a temporary “vacation”¬†home for three weeks from our other temporary home while¬†our permanent home was being finished and last Monday we finally got to move to our FOREVER home.¬† It’s similar to our last home in a lot of ways though I did make lots of tweaks.¬†¬† We are¬†really loving being here!¬† There is nothing like being home with your family. ¬†¬†As for layout and decor, some rooms are 100% different¬†and some are 100% the same and some are just a little different.

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll share more pictures as the rooms start to come together.¬† I have unpacked the entire house with the exception of all the wall and shelf decor.¬†¬†¬†My creative mind doesn’t work until things are organized.¬†¬† So basically, unpack, organize, and then decorate.¬†¬† I have the first two done but decorating is in progress.¬† Also,¬†¬†painters are still here working on making everything perfect.¬†¬† I’m looking forward to having the home to ourselves hopefully by this weekend.¬†¬† We also finally got our stair treads finished on Monday because we did a special tread to match our reclaimed floors.¬† That was a mess.¬† Thank goodness it’s done.

On another note, this past Monday was my Dad’s birthday, two weeks ago was Matt’s birthday, Dawn and Matt have anniversary this weekend, and Scott has birthday this Saturday.

Our formal living and dining areas (not decorated obviously as you can see all the boxes of decor over in the back corner):
DSC_0494 copy

I chose a different floor this time. I loved our walnut but it was just too soft so we decided to go with a reclaimed, distressed floor. The floor has lots of texture and an oil, matte finish that is supposed to be much better than stain and poly for long-term wear:
Wanted to show my pumkins I picked up yesterday at Whole Foods. I will show a better view of the house when we get our awnings installed and our large globe boxwoods that will hopefully come in soon that we had to special order:
DSC_0501-copy copy


My sisters:

At Hanger Downtown:
Hanger Austin

Brunch at Z’Tejas waiting for a table:
Z Tejas
Z Tejas

Sweet Baby Girls!¬† Lyla and Livy love to play together ūüôā
Being so patient waiting for brunch at Z Tejas

Unfortunately, Livy will probably only get to where those cute little red shoes only that one time because her feet have grown two sizes in what seems like 1 week.

Lyla with Nana and Papa at Hula Hut:

Maui Trip

Scott and I just got back from a week in Maui and it was such a wonderful time! I have to admit it was a little hard leaving the girls behind but we really needed a truly relaxing vacation. It’s such a luxury to be able to do things that we truly want to do without worrying if it will be fun for the girls. We loaded our vacation up with driving around the island taking in the absolute beauty of it all, snorkeling, Parasailing, lots of eating overindulgent meals, spear fishing (Scott), spa time, and reading/sun bathing.

On our first full day, we took a drive down memory lane of the day we got married. We ate breakfast at Longhi’s where I had breakfast with my Mom and sister’s the morning before our wedding, we drove down to the beach where we said our vows, and ate dinner at the restaurant where we had our reception. We didn’t plan it but it was so much fun!

Scott convinced me to go parasailing as well which was quite an adventure. I had never been and I can’t imagine a better place to do it. We also spent a day doing our own thing because I’m not a spearfisher and prefer the spa. Scott loves it and though it wore him out, I know he wishes he could do that all the time.

On our way waiting for our plain in LA at the United Club. We ran into Neil Patrick Harris there as well:
United Club in LA
I started using instagram here at the airport for the first time and my phone isn’t so great at taking clear pics:
Maui-bound.  Waiting to board in LA.

As soon as we landed, we drove straight to Paia to Paia Fish Market:
Scott's favorite place in Maui... Paia Fish Market

And then went to watch the wind surfers:

And took a little drive along the coastline:
Mama's Fish House: Yum!
One of the pools at our resort…so relaxing:

Headed to Breakfast at Longhi’s:
The view at breakfast:
Outside Longhi’s:
Where we got married in Kapalua:
We said our vows right next to this tree:
One of the little pools full of small fish that are trapped until the tide comes back in:
Right next to where we got married

We went snorkeling here at Honolua Bay:
Honolulu Bay...snorkel time
Honolua bay

My chauffer:


The lone surfer:



Dinner at the Plantation House, one of our favorite places and where we had our wedding reception over 6 years ago:

The Amazing Views:
My husband trying to figure out which dish is creating that wonderful aroma we were smelling when we walked in:

Lunch at Kimo’s:

Kimo’s Famous Hula Pie:
Hula pie

Drinking Mai Tai’s and Mojitos with this Kimo’s View:
Drinking Mai Tai's and Mojitos at Kimos

Kapalua, my favorite place on Maui:
Love, Love, Love the Cook Pines:
Dinner at Sansei (YUM!):
More Cook Pines…I wish I could take them home with me:
Being silly:
Maybe I had too many Mai Tai’s…just kidding, I was just so happy to be next to all those beautiful trees:
In front of Pineapple Grill:
Headed to Lahaina to go shopping:
Sunset at Mala’s:
Texting Matt telling him we are sitting next to some ESPN correspondent:
I was trying to catch the turtles that were coming up to poke out their heads and playing in the water:
We started our meal at Mala’s with this sashimi dish which makes my mouth water just thinking about it:

We drove half way to Hana and also drove through the Iao Valley which was breathtaking:
Self-portrait at Iao Valley:
Beautiful Maui!
A lookout on the way to Hana:
And of course, this post would not be complete without a picture of a chicken. They roam freely everywhere: